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  1. One way to open up your "friends'" eyes is to ask them how many men are there out there, that the creator might hire to do the labor, versus how many creators are there, for the laborers to sell there labor to? Mindy
  2. The topic isn't concepts, but essence. What has more commonly been termed the problem of universals. Mindy
  3. Gotthelf says Rand's view of essence is epistemological. He alludes to a role in unit-economy, and he distinguishes it, as achieving objectivity, in contrast to instrinsicism and subjectivism. I am familiar with these claims, but I do not think unit-economy address essence on a par with instrinsic or subjective theories of it. Fundamentality is the more apt criterion, I would think. Still, fundamentality, being a relative characteristic, may not suffice. Besides the claim that objectivity is achieved when the individual follows a certain process, the process claimed to result in objectivity needs justification, or an explanation of its claim to yield valid concepts. Unit-economy will not do this. Mindy
  4. Kohl's has a new TV advertisement in my area. They, surprisingly, say, return anything, at any time, even if you don't have the receipt. Interesting. Mindy
  5. I had been looking for an exemplar for Kipling's first line: If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you.

    And then, a perfect one fell right in my lap!

  6. I wonder if I get freedom of speech on my own profile? Probably not.

    Not that I haven't encountered it before, but I really had hoped O.O. was run by people, some of whom loved reason.

  7. Actually, it is an argument. It is an apt comparison, in fact. It applies your objection to another situation, a song, and the false conclusion that the first time the performance took place is the only time it might be valued as art is succinctly countered by common experience--we listen to our favorite songs over and over. Perhaps that should be called an illustration, rather than an argument? No matter, its pertinance is clear. Mindy
  8. That is a most interesting claim. Can you elaborate? Mindy
  9. I envy you the convenience of begging the question. If you didn't read the post to which I was responding, that will help you with your difficulty in understanding the purposes of my statements. If, after reading this, the context, you still have any questions, I'll try to answer them specifically. If this is all that is behind your complaint that I don't "pick by battles" well, well... isn't what you are doing exactly what it means to be "excessively argumentative?" Mindy
  10. Is there an example of a species evolving to a less intelligent form? Mindy
  11. It seems to me that I pick my battles. What criterion do you think I'm overlooking, possibly with an example? That is, what "battle" should I have left alone? Mindy
  12. You have my heart-felt sympathy. Mindy
  13. The quote was a statement that people were upset. You agree with it? Are upset people automatically in the right? Or is there a sub-text to which you wish to add your amen, without having to state it explicitly? Do look up your fallacies. I suppose you mean I have an answer to your best points? What does that imply? Or are you saying that if I'd only stop and let you have the last word, you and CapSwine would like me? Or are you wishing, impotently, to imply that my arguments are weak? Please do be specific as to which argument, and what weakness, thanks. Let's see, you may set your limited experience up against mine, not knowing what mine is, but then feel insulted when it is pointed out to you that you come out short? Which of us knows the posting experience of both of us? You, who stated yours, or me, who read yours and knows my own? Which of us is in the position to make the comparison? I've known chickens who reasoned better than this. (Just a little oddity of speech, there, to spare you the "boredom" of my typical argument.) Mindy
  14. Which eludes MY ealier post. (You meant "allude," I mean "elude,") It is not "other people's money," it is their own. Mindy
  15. To say he is abusive is to say he is abusive. Do you understand that? Mindy
  16. Who says they didn't fight it? Write letters, try to elect Goldwater, etc. They ought to get the pensions/benefits they were forced to contribute to pay for, no? Mindy
  17. The quotations are a treat. I'd call them a potent glue, if I were a glue-sniffer.

    1. Sir Andrew

      Sir Andrew

      So you're a quote-sniffer, eh?

    2. Mindy


      Yes Sir, I particularly like quotes about thought and thinking.

  18. The "party" in Tea Party is not the concept of a political party, or only indirectly so. It means a get-together, a shindig, a "Let's Party!" I think it has more effect if those words remain a kind of event, spontaneous and responsive to political trends. It would then be a constant threat to politicians who think their being elected is an unlimited franchise to alter America. Mindy
  19. I'm not sure what you mean to get across. I am arguing that great numbers of today's senior citizens did not agree with, nor vote for entitlements. They were, nevertheless, forced to pay great sums over decades into Social Security. It is, thus UNJUST that "you" that is, the posters of the early-on consensus of this thread, characterize them as looters who want someone else to pay their way. Mindy
  20. What are you agreeing with? That some, unnamed people are "upset?" Reputation is generally relevant when the author's actual performance has to be guessed at. Which attorney to hire? Mr. Banks has a good reputation for this sort of case... When someone's performance is extant, there is no need to look to their reputation to evaluate those actions. Neither you nor Sophia attempt to defend the facts of the case, you just think Odden's general contributions ought to excuse his behavior here. A sort of a "greater good" argument, no? You seem to acknowledge Mr. Odden's tendency to be abusive when you mention "thick skin." Why do you give it a pass? If a person's errors, even of behavior, are criticized, does that mean the whole person is being mis-evaluated? Are your assertions of Mr. Odden's knowledge logically related to my objection that he was abusive? I doubt you could tell me anything about the standards of thought, or behavior, on any of the major four Objectivist forums. As to how Objectivism Online compares to the other three, I'm very interested in finding that out. Mindy
  21. Why no, I was not being insulting at all. That is, in suggesting that the posters were not experienced with the burden Social Security taxes represent. Most of the posters, I believe, are very young, many students. The abuse heaped on people who opposed entitlements in the first place, then were forced to pay for them all their lives, and now are being villified in this thread is what is inflammatory, and is indeed stupid. You needn't tell me what the problem is with entitlement schemes, as I didn't defend them. Mindy
  22. FYI: There is between 50% and 89% probability of dying of Ebola, depending on the strain. (Wikipedia) Mindy
  23. At least some of this apparent conflict can be settled by considering that in an ideal society, there would be little or no purely public space. The proprietors of private spaces may require people to have been vacinnated against certain diseases, if there is anything so virile as to persuade the public that they will avoid places where infected people might be. The child's school, etc., would pretty surely be governed by rules about innoculation. Otherwise, I believe it is the parents' responsibility to keep the vulnerable child safe from contagion. Medical masks for the child, etc. Mindy
  24. When you say seniors got "what they voted for," you blame all people who voted at all for the result of the election. By the same logic, wouldn't all of us be responsible for Obama's Health Care? (That is, we, as a group, elected the people who passed the legislation.) Mindy
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