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  1. The quotations are a treat. I'd call them a potent glue, if I were a glue-sniffer.

    1. Sir Andrew

      Sir Andrew

      So you're a quote-sniffer, eh?

    2. Mindy


      Yes Sir, I particularly like quotes about thought and thinking.

  2. What are profile comments supposed to cover, anyway?

  3. I'm celebrating having "come back" to this forum. By far the most civilized one of the 5 or so I've been on. Highest concentration of well-informed and well-spoken people.

  4. I'm inviting comments on when it is right to note errors and fallacies, in a discussion you are interested in, and when and why to overlook them.

  5. I imagine that there was something cut off. Something about "Ie, which seems to suggest that actually these properties are apparently not objective but dependent on the relative position / speed of the observer"..

  6. I wonder if I get freedom of speech on my own profile? Probably not.

    Not that I haven't encountered it before, but I really had hoped O.O. was run by people, some of whom loved reason.

  7. I had been looking for an exemplar for Kipling's first line: If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you.

    And then, a perfect one fell right in my lap!

  8. One can not, one must not, compromise on reason.

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