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  1. So... we consume so much that "other countries" are only able to consume our "leftovers"... thus the cause of terrorism. I can hardly believe the Adbusters guy just said that.
  2. This line almost made me turn the TV off and fire off a letter to Goodkind himself. However, I started thinking that out of context this is a horrible statement - but within this very specific context it is passable although dangerously borderline-altruistic. My point is that whether Zedd, Kahlan, and Richard (in the show) realize it or not, they (at least Richard) must to gain the trust and support of the people in the Midlands if they are to succeed against Darken Rahl . The support of the Midlanders, whether implicit or explicit, is of great value to the characters in Goodkind's stories and it is right, in my mind, that they attempt to earn this support by trading their services with people, again implicity or explicitly.
  3. That comes across to me as an implication that Japan is our enemy, which I disagree with - but in any case I think you are generally correct in stating that our real enemies are emboldened.
  4. I can understand your frustration, but really - why not start your business? Don't let the threat of the next President take away something you obviously value very highly (your own business). You will, if you are as successful as you say you will be, earn a net gain. Furthermore, if you find yourself over the "250k mark" and being overtaxed even more than normal, you could donate a sum of your income to the ARI and write off some of the tax to some extent.
  5. Now I see what you're saying. Thanks for that.
  6. I'm not sure I fully understand you here. I think the question is valid enough to warrant the responses already given in the above posts - but your claim intrigues me. Can you please explain further why life does not need to be justified?
  7. I recall a scene from The Fountainhead in which Roark directed Dominique's and Wynand's attention to the rocks, trees, and land around them on Wynand's estate. He said something to the effect of "The point of living is to take these branches, these rocks, and this earth - and make what you will of it." Can anyone find this exact quote? I don't happen to have my copy of the book with me (I don't actually carry it around in my back pocket, though perhaps that wouldn't be such a terrible idea ).
  8. Interesting article. Though I wouldn't start celebrating yet since the politicians will just try for the bailout again with different language in the new bill.
  9. This quote in particular really captures, I think, the essence of my question which perhaps should not have been asked with respect to public libraries specifically but rather should apply to all cases in which the average American would expect and/or demand to recieve free information. Thanks to everyone for your excellent answers.
  10. Hello everyone, Something I've been wondering about is how Objectivists perceive public libraries. They provide great places for research and learning. Isn't that desirable? However, in the US at least, they are publically funded. Isn't that undesirable? Wouldn't a "private library" (where patrons might pay some subscription fee to view the collection) be an improvement in both the size and quality of the collection? Is such a thing viable and/or does such a thing exist?
  11. For what it's worth, I (finally) started to speak up and share with my roommates and friends. I run a private forum for my friends "from home" to stay in contact and I seem to have swayed them all enough to read Atlas Shrugged. It makes me think about whether it's possible to be an Objectivist and not even realize it because they seem to be as close as it gets without actually declaring it. I'm in college though - a liberal arts one - so everyone around here is an Obama nut. It's difficult especially for one as uncharasmatic as I to sway other peoples opinions, but I must say that I've made some impact on one of my roommates at least. He's an ardent "Democrat", though we both discover after each conversation between us that he really has no idea what a Democrat is/does/stands for. He "is" one because that's the "nice" and "cool" thing to do in college. Last night he called me an egoist in an attempt to berate me for saying something he didn't like. When I replied with "thank you" he was, as you might imagine, confused. He's a philosophy major as well - the kind who likes to manipulate words in an attempt to confuse people and convert them to his way of thinking. He's one of those people who thinks that anything published is "interesting" but he will never declare what's right and what's wrong unless he can already tell what the popular choice is. To that end, I'm not sure how to get through to this liberal arts crowd. I'm bored in my senior year though - so is it worth a try? Is it even possible? I'm skeptical, as always.
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