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  1. HE ! when I want a good time I come here and read posts
  2. youy are right by saying that and I Always try to concenrtate on the basic principle because the rest comes from those, but I sometime get frustretated because I can't even argue with nobody. they you are wrong because it like that or other arguments like that. I know it represents more a weakness to use numbers whitout explaining the principle. but I must admit that in the fire of the conversation saying that there are more trees in the USA this year than there was 200 years ago is somewhat satisfiying. But nontheless I must agree with and not give up the fight for reason.
  3. thank you for your advice but in that specific case I am asked to provide numbers in order to be listened. It is those kind of people that won't listened to any argument ethical or political if you can't demonstrate that you have a base of knoledge. I know I should not be wasting my time with those kind of people but here in Quebec (Canada) it seems that there is only those kind of people to deal with.
  4. I was triying to argue with someone about the pharmaceutical control of the governement but I realised that I neede more documentation to be credible. I know there is something about the fact the governement control was the cause of the raise of the price but I would have lke to know if there were other suggestion of readings I could do Thanks
  5. Yes because those are not the cause but the consequence of something. For exemple if you are afraid because you are in a dark room, if you follow your emotion you will flee as fast as possible (or even jump out of the window) but if tou treat that question with tour reason you will ask yourself why you are afraid and then know that it is because there is no light. That will make you open the light in the room.
  6. Wasn't the expression used by Ayn Rand "active minded" in philosophy : who needs it ?
  7. I dont't think that is what will happen. I think that people from that country will continue to buy cars cheaper from the other country and will turn themselves toward other kind of production. With that new kind of product (that the other country can't afford to have because they concentrate on cars) the capitalist country will bwe able to sell the new products (may be those new products will be something replacing the car with something even more efficient) and that way there will be no crime and only productivity. Sorry for the english for I am from Quebec
  8. I'm sure this question has been answered before but I would have like to konw what happen with Mr Brandon and the Objectivist philosophy ?
  9. I did learn english by playing video games - this true. But isn't the real issue a metaphysical one ? I mean by that that when you play video games you accept the new metaphysical world in which the caracters evolve. then you can accept that magic is possible. But the games, and that's what's making a googd game, have to explain the metaphysical elements of the new wolrd your in. The rest is just not to mix yourself with that world and reality.
  10. That question might have benne answered before but I would have liked to kwon what did Ayn Rand liked about Victor Hugo. May be this could serve as a quotations analysis section. I will myself look into it but I would have liked to get the opinion of senior members.
  11. I just wanted to say that there are some objectivists in the very social-democrat, labour union possessed province of Quebec.
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