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  1. Looking for posts on psycology, my search landed on this one. If u surf to http://www.nathanielbranden.com there is certainly stuff that is thought-provoking yet I remain skeptic. Though I have to admit that I remain more skeptic of Dr. Hurd specially quoting his cheeky article in CapMag http://capmag.com/article.asp?ID=3801 The Error of the Self-Esteem Movement by Michael J. Hurd (June 24, 2004) (why not just mention names ?) So unless I know more some better sources, I'd say one should tread causiouly while reading all that stuff from either men. P.S [ IMPORTANT ]: It's such a pity to 'measure' the quality and content of Mr. Branden's writting's prior and post (AR-era). Sometimes just sometimes there is a faint glimpse of those gloried words he had written long ago. If-and-when I would read his present articles, that past association would be my 'only' motivation.
  2. http://forum.ObjectivismOnline.com/index.php?showtopic=3867
  3. Thanks you all for the recommendations. I think I will start with "Voice of Reason" follwed by some of Dr. Hurd's work. At least it will all help me get an general idea BTW: Here I mean to day' to day' psychology (as in "why do people believe and do what they do in daily life) and then I can graduate to the experimental domain. XObject
  4. Hello all, Believe it or not I have looked almost everywhere on the internet for the some good books on Psycology (from the Objectivist point of view) particluarly on book stores related to Ayn Rand and her philosophy, yet I haven't been able to find one. They seem to have cover many topics except psycology. I know the book "Psycology of Self-Esteem by N. Branden" but I am litlle prejudiced on that one. Also since I want to learn psycology as a science, I wonder which book Ayn Rand herself would have recommended on this subject. I had some historical info. from this article http://hubcap.clemson.edu/~campber/randcogrev.html but I am not prettly sure which book to go for if I look in the list of references. So does anyone here has a better clue XObject
  5. The Ayn Rand Lexicon I will definately do that ...but I got that link from someone who already had that book. Makes me wonder if it had some additional terms. Now it looks i will never know For instance, I remeber the link also had a reference to Kant and it further negated his philosophy from an Objectivist viewpoint, does the Lexicon has such outside references ? Anyway if the Lexicon has it all whats the point in publishing the book: Glossary of Objectivist Definitions (Booklet) I really need some concrete answeres here.
  6. Think I've found an answer to my question as to why that weblink just vanished from the internet: Here is the reason: http://www.aynrandbookstore2.com/store/pro...aitem=1&mitem=1
  7. Hello everyone, I once took a printout from a webiste where many terms were defined w.r.t the philosophy of Objectivism . Now unfortunately I've lost that paper, I cannot seem to find that weblink anymore. As-though it just disappeared from the internet. I do not know if any one of you ever came accross such a link or actually do posseses such an glossary. In case u do, please provide me with the link/copy. Please understand I am a bit desperate in my search, since i highly valued that document, so any hint or clue's as to where to find it are equally welcome. I would really appreciate some cooporation here. Reagrds XObject p.s-> Please do any suggest any books as I am quite updated in that regard. My reference here is exclusively to that webpage only.
  8. hello all, I've been trying to search for some streaming radio url on the internet (advocating Objectivism) but I cant find one. There is of'course PRODOS but it only has recorded interviews, nothing real-time. Does anyone of you know such a URL stream, I could easily add it to my iTunes and listen ! XObject p.s-> I've posted this before but nobody addressed my query appropriately !
  9. well, nobody did answer my question Am i suppose to assume that not such radio station exists. Haven't the proponets of Objectivism come that far yet !
  10. hello all, I've been trying to search for some streaming radio url on the internet (advocating Objectivism) but I cant find one. There is of'course PRODOS but it only has recorded interviews, nothing real-time. Does anyone of you know such a URL stream, I could easily add it to my iTunes and listen ! XObject
  11. This is a real funny conversation, I'll tell why..... First of all: When u talk of renaming Christmas, you already in a sense conisder the festival important enough to remain in the first place. What would renaming do ? Besides, what significance do you attach to time or date of this celebration beacuse you still choose to celebrate it? Talk some sense people !
  12. and Mr. BIGBANGSingh if u don't mind me interrupting: just what exactly in Sikh philosophy is pro-reason. I thought it promoted self-sacrifice, if thats pro-reason for u....well then
  13. Talking of Europe now, Any dutch members here should join this group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/objectiveDutch/ Its been passive for a while, but it is the only exclusive one for the Dutch. Feel free to become a member on a more local level.
  14. People i'll have to admit I expected better answers than that. Saddam never actually (before the threat of war) stood so openly against America, he took the Plestinian side just for being anti-Bush. He woud allied with any country who is willing to weaken his neighbours. I mean countries like Iran and Soudi Arabia pose a much bigger threat of Islamic funtamentalism. That people supposidly who America gave "freedom" even have the cheek to declare that they were better under Saddam, what do they know of freedom, Islam is what matters to them. Under Sadam "that" was suppresed (which eventhough may sound tyranical for Iraqi people) was in favour of America. If Mr. Bush really wanted to free supressed people, it was morally justifiable to invade Iran, where frequent uprising against the Ayotullah is a reality. I supported Mr.Bush on going to war, but the way he's handling it and the way he has compromised on his principles, the way he sacrificed American lives to secure the religious santity of that nation...has truly disappointed me. I know that he began right but he lost his strength somewhere in between. It would have been right to choose Iraq first for 2 reasons: -To complete the unfinished work of the previous Gulf war. -To use Iraq in order to intimidate other Islamic countries (it certainly worked on Libya) But it all went wrong and suddenly "Iraqi freedom" became a slogan to save our faces in front of United Nations and the American intereast became something to be ashamed of.
  15. I do not know if this topic has been discussed here before but since there is lot of debate in the world on why the US went to war against Iraq, i wonder if everyone here could give their own standpoint on this issue. I mean clearly WMD was a weak justification, so if this war is valid what is then the jusification for putting so many Amercan live's in danger. Thanks in advance..
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