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  1. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/10318347/ animals is the only word that comes to mind when describing these thugs, but then again, I've never known animals to electrocute and gang rape women, or torture 14 year old boys to death in front of their fathers, so perhaps I am insulting animals by refering to Saddam Hussein and his cronies by such a term. He clearly refuses to accept reality, dismissing any allegations against him as American pandering. His hope is martyrdom, so he is sticking his own neck out. He refuses to see any evidence as valid because he asserts that kind of stuff can be al
  2. My understanding is that Roman legionnares marched into battle carrying short spears or javelins, and only drew their swords after they had expended their spears.
  3. Actually all legionaries did have a gladius, even in the Republic when they had to pay for it themselves. the point that I was making was that I was making a conjection based on my limited exposure to the field of ancient Chinese military outfitting Legionnares are famous for their gladius, but it was a secondary weapon, as the sword was throughout it's life as an applicable military tool. Same with the Katana, which was a companion weapon to the Samurai's primary arms, the Yari and the longbow, despite the Romanticized cult of the sword that developed during the relatively peaceful Tokug
  4. Donnywithana, are you permitting multiple people to participate against you? because your question regarding freewill was interesting to me enough to the point where I did a little research, and I feel that I could contribute to the debate. With your permission of course, because I understand others have expressed interest.
  5. interesting. As one who has studied modern and future warfare more than old warfare, I caught the flaws in my thinking. I am a cadet at a military college, and have studied and researched the fighting power of different military units based on environment. Take the 10th mountain division, the Navy SEALs, etc. America's armed forces do extensive research into topography when training, and everyone involved with ground forces, even basic infantryman, can navigate land to an extent. American soldiers, from the division down to the fire-team level, are given a large degree of autonomy, and tra
  6. what a fascinating thread. I am somewhat of an amateur historian (I research for purely entertainment purposes only) so if you guys don't mind, I'd like to participate. the conjecture between China and Persia raised an eyebrow with me. It is my understanding that Persia was a huge Steppe region, with vast expanses of wilderness. Troops, therefore, needed to be mobile, because such a region would allow for large troop maneuvering. So an army favoring speed would be lightly armed and equipped. My understanding of Chinese topography only comes from research that was centered on studying m
  7. I've read it. Bastiat is one of my favorites as well. Not up to AS like a previous poster mentioned, but still good. As far as political books go, it is a light read. Anyone with any degree of sophistication in economics or politics could finish it in one sitting. I can see why he would recommend the book to his audience, it's easy to read, uses plain langauge, and takes a very rational, easy to conceptualize approach to Capitalism; which makes it perfect for a first timer, who's looking for an introductory book to capitalist politics. Boortz happens to be one of my favorite politcal
  8. Is there a written exam that must be taken in order to become a certified Objectivist? I'm going to throw my hat in with the "what's in a name?" crowd. The only time I really have to call myself an Objectivist is, incidently, when I am in the company of other Objectivists. For everyone else I call it the "philosophy for living on Earth." I am more familiarly known as the atheist, and the Libertarian (from my days of association with the party.) I'll explain it if someone asks, but since it is my own philosophy, I see no reason to wear it on my sleeve.
  9. I'm not a huge TV person, but there are a few things I love. King of the hill is my favorite animated show. Hank is so pure, so upright, so unflinching in his convictions that it can get him in some crazy situations, but he always wins in the end. Though he is a christian, and therefor the morals are based on the christian ethic, the fact that he is portrayed as a virtuous and morally couragous man is inspiring in this day and age where moral relativity reigns supreme. Who wasn't rooting for Hank when he painted "Diminished Glutes" on the side of his lawnmower for the annual lawnmower race?
  10. The problem with so called "renewable" energy sources like wind and solar energy is that their economic value is negative. The reason they aren't built is because no one makes money on them. shameless capitalist profiteering, a socialist might say, but there is a reason for that. a Wind turbine or a sheet of solar power costs more in terms of oil energy than it will ever produce in it's lifetime. Our technology just isn't at a point where we can harness that type of energy efficiently. Not to mention that it would take over a thousand acres to power a city the size of Anchorage. I dare
  11. one of the main reasons the Nietzche is compared with Nazis is because after his death much of his work was altered by his nationalist sister to be more in tune with the feelings of the time. to further illustrate this point, Nietzche actually broke all ties with his long time friend Wagner, because Wagner was a raving anti-semite, and Nietzche despised semitism. The Ubermensch theory, much like most of Nietzche, is some of the most misunderstood writing in all literature. He describes three levels of his Will to power: the lowest and most primitive is the "blond beast" which seeks to domi
  12. I have been an avid player since I was 5, and my parents got me a Nintendo with Super Mario Bros. Before I get into favorites, I had to give it up for the game that single-handedly saved the industry from itself. I currently caught the MMORPG bug, but amazingly, Everquest 2 is my drug of choice, not World of Warcraft. I tried World of Warcraft, and I found myself coming back to EQ2. EQ2 is a more community-centric game, with a greater emphasis on 6-man teams than WoW. And because the community is smaller, it's more tightly knit. I love roleplaying my characters, and whenever I do, I find pe
  13. I considered FFXI. From what I've heard, it is the ultimate grind game. I know this is probably a gross simplification of the game. so I took it with a grain of salt. I know EQ2 had that happen to them as well. In the early months of WoW, people left it by the thousands. Overtime, they slowly trickled back in. Of course, this is not "let's bag Blizzard and WoW" time. They are a brilliant company, who is to be admired for always delivering a superb product. Ever heard of Starcraft: Ghost? They had the completed product, sitting there waiting to be manufactured, and they canned it and sta
  14. ahhh, progress. Everytime I hear about something like this, I can't help but feel invigorated. they cured ulcers! man when I was a kid it seemed like everyone had an ulcer! When I think about how many diseases that were so commonplace as few as 100 years ago, like measles and mumps, which are all but nonexistant now, one can't help but marvel. I extend a hearty bravo to these pioneers.
  15. on a large scale, no it isn't. Usually I only get those kind of delays when my LAN is operating at peak hours. When my outgoing network is busy, then I get the lag. That's not a horrible thing because usually I am studying or occupied otherwise during those hours. But alas, it is a huge computer sink. You really need a rig in order to play it well. But let me tell ya, those graphics will astound you if you happen to own a computer capable of playing it on higher graphics settings. And I have yet to find a character designer on any game as intricate, yet easy to use as EQ2's problem is
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