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  1. It's quite simple. My view was that dreams aren't possible without first having had sensory input. You confirmed that view. I don't see how my question implied dreaming was possible without such, though, since I was asking if it is.
  2. Can a question make use of stolen concepts? I can see how a positive statement would do so. My question was aimed at producing the kind of reply you provided, AisA. Thank you.
  3. Let's assume they're sedated inside a sensory deprivation tank. I'd lean toward what Eiuol states in his reply. It pertains to the OP's question "...wouldn't it mean that the external world need not necessarily exist as one can be conscious purely of the contents of one's own mind?"
  4. Could a person that has been sedated (unconscionable experiment, but for the sake of argument) all their life and never recieved sensory input have the ability to dream?
  5. The way I see it, any civilian deaths that occur during actions to fight an aggressor is on the aggressor's hands. That doesn't mean civilians should be targeted when there's no military gain. If a megaton over Tehran saves American lives, so be it. I imagine it'd strike a good blow against the nexus of state-sponsored terrorism.
  6. I've heard Leftists describe setting the rent (as a landlord/property owner) higher than some people can afford as "force", whereas taxation is not. Many would dispute the bolded words in your quote. They're delusional.
  7. L-C


    "It is research that is guaranteed to delight men - and infuriate the women in their lives." The first sentence is quite telling. Why would someone be delighted or infuriated at a given fact, one that has been in effect all along whether or not we've known about it so far?
  8. That was my impression as well. It wasn't about Peter not being able to become a skilled painter, but to change his entire outlook on life.
  9. I'd be cautious with anyone who has the technology to travel here from other solar systems.
  10. I think you might be reading too much into the underwater thing. It's a bold move by Ryan, it enabled concealment of the city (a big, big deal in the story) and it looks and plays cool.
  11. Good point, especially given my remark that separate prison cells (meaning no physical contact between prisoners) would solve this. Johnfrey mentioned the prison system being overloaded, but without the hordes of marijuana smokers et al being locked up, maybe this wouldn't be an issue.
  12. Interesting, though I once read a CapMag article that explained the Bond franchise's enduring popularity as having to do with Bond's confidence, competence and triumph, an explanation similar to the one given about why sports are so popular.
  13. Taxation is forced appropriation of property, i.e. robbery. It really is as simple as that. There are several suggestions as to how the government would be funded without taxation. Rand also mentioned that, in a transition from the current state to laissez-faire, it would be one of the last things to be abolished. As far as open immigration goes, there's no justification for barring peaceful men from entry to one's country. "Open" doesn't mean indiscriminate, as criminals, terrorists, bearers of contagious diseases etc would naturally be subject to restrictions. But as of today, the US, for no good reason, makes it difficult or impossible for a lot of independent, productive people to immigrate.
  14. Oh, do be careful with that one.
  15. I've seen Objectivists portray BioShock 1 as an attack on Objectivism, but it's actually more of a naive and fearful stance against "extremism", i.e. absolutism. Objectivist "Inspector" has had an email conversation with its lead designer, which confirmed this.
  16. Separate cells. There's no reason for the inmates to ever have the chance to even see each other.
  17. Does "she sucks" even qualify as ad hominem? Doesn't it have to be an argument in the form of "she's wrong because she's X"? Difficult as in impossible, yes.
  18. If you do not choose a philosophy, one will be chosen for you.
  19. And if you don't pursue restitution, the money will go to actual supporters of taxation.
  20. Why not camp out in Delaware or New Hampshire? Is there some horrible aspect to those states that I've missed, since I never see anyone suggest them even though their laws (taxes and guns, mostly) seem top notch? Oh, and for some perspective, I'm working on moving into the US. You ARE the "other world" so many people hope for. Don't be so quick to think there might be another one waiting for you.
  21. I think it's neat. Like the colors.
  22. Why? I have asked myself that question, and I've yet to come up with a satisfactory answer.
  23. Yep, as if the differences between Western and other civilizations are accidental.
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