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  1. The real question here: what are you doing in a sushi bar? You could put a sushi menu on a giant poster of Ayn Rand and Thomas Jefferson holding hands; I'd still walk across the street to get a steak.
  2. I'm not entirely sure how it goes; but I always loved a paragraph from AS that when something like "...and the earth is littered with mangled cripples, who don't know what has hit them or why...and the traffic cops of morality chortle and say that man, by his nature, is unable to walk". It's my favorite not for its content, but how Rand wrote it.
  3. Have I ever tried working out to Tchaikovsky? Of course not; I hold music in a much higher regard than backround noise to drown out the grunts around me
  4. Is it just me, or is the shadowing on the earth not quite right? Other than that, quite nice.
  5. W.C.Meyer


    It's 6.30 in the morn' here right now; I'm getting ready for school. This never would have happened in highschool; I was notoriously absent, and barely made it through due to absence and tardy. But, I valued my future enough to straighten up, so that in the years to come, I would get up and go to class because I really want to. That's the case now; I can't wait to get to class on time and play in a baroque quintet. Point is, had I not cleaned up my act, I would not be in the position to enjoy an education. So: put in your time at highschool. I know it sucks; we've all been there; we've all gotten through it. Good luck, get to class on time, learn something, and shake the pillars of heaven.
  6. W.C.Meyer


    Gotten to school on time.
  7. Hmmm... I suppose that there's nothing inherently 'wrong' or 'bad' about his music. It's just very dull.
  8. This seems like a cop-out. I'm asking for you to clarify where your remarks about my ignorance and anti-capitalism are coming from. *Edit for punctuation. According to Jake Ellison, this is no place for education.
  9. Anyone? I would appreciate clarification as to what in that video was anti-Capitalist and contradictory to Objectist ideals, so as to correct such mistakes and not allow them to happen in the future.
  10. W.C.Meyer

    'Big' Trends

    Maybe this has already been said, but, perhaps eating right and excercising? (and don't tell me it's not that simple)
  11. I don't remember saying that; I remember saying that you get higher returns on investment accounts. In fact, I don't know of any anti-capitalist statement in that video. Point my anti-capitalist comments out to me, and I will apologize for my partaking in the contest. I actually wish to retract my former statement, as there is no content in that video that would discredit me or any beliefs I may hold. Point out the bad philosophy in the video if you will.
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