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  1. The real question here: what are you doing in a sushi bar? You could put a sushi menu on a giant poster of Ayn Rand and Thomas Jefferson holding hands; I'd still walk across the street to get a steak.
  2. I'm not entirely sure how it goes; but I always loved a paragraph from AS that when something like "...and the earth is littered with mangled cripples, who don't know what has hit them or why...and the traffic cops of morality chortle and say that man, by his nature, is unable to walk". It's my favorite not for its content, but how Rand wrote it.
  3. Have I ever tried working out to Tchaikovsky? Of course not; I hold music in a much higher regard than backround noise to drown out the grunts around me
  4. Is it just me, or is the shadowing on the earth not quite right? Other than that, quite nice.
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    It's 6.30 in the morn' here right now; I'm getting ready for school. This never would have happened in highschool; I was notoriously absent, and barely made it through due to absence and tardy. But, I valued my future enough to straighten up, so that in the years to come, I would get up and go to class because I really want to. That's the case now; I can't wait to get to class on time and play in a baroque quintet. Point is, had I not cleaned up my act, I would not be in the position to enjoy an education. So: put in your time at highschool. I know it sucks; we've all been there; we've all gotten through it. Good luck, get to class on time, learn something, and shake the pillars of heaven.
  6. W.C.Meyer


    Gotten to school on time.
  7. Hmmm... I suppose that there's nothing inherently 'wrong' or 'bad' about his music. It's just very dull.
  8. This seems like a cop-out. I'm asking for you to clarify where your remarks about my ignorance and anti-capitalism are coming from. *Edit for punctuation. According to Jake Ellison, this is no place for education.
  9. Anyone? I would appreciate clarification as to what in that video was anti-Capitalist and contradictory to Objectist ideals, so as to correct such mistakes and not allow them to happen in the future.
  10. W.C.Meyer

    'Big' Trends

    Maybe this has already been said, but, perhaps eating right and excercising? (and don't tell me it's not that simple)
  11. I don't remember saying that; I remember saying that you get higher returns on investment accounts. In fact, I don't know of any anti-capitalist statement in that video. Point my anti-capitalist comments out to me, and I will apologize for my partaking in the contest. I actually wish to retract my former statement, as there is no content in that video that would discredit me or any beliefs I may hold. Point out the bad philosophy in the video if you will.
  12. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Don't assume that anything stated in that video is a reflection of my beliefs; I need the money, and it's that simple. I posted it here to get the views, not to run over the contents of C:UI. I can understand the pragmatist statement (though, I will have to disagree), and I was torn about putting it on here. At the end of the day, however: I'm willing to look like a pragmatist for three and a half minutes if it means making it through university (granted, I could make it through somehow, and I have been; but it's getting more and more difficult to work my through college).
  13. I was torn about doing this; why ask for help on an Objectivist forum? But then I was thinking about the nature of altruism, and helping me here would not only help to support someone financially while attending university, but requires no sacrifice (save a minute or two of your time). Anyways, I've made a video for a contest offering a cash prize of $5,000 to the video with the most hits. The topic: credit unions. Perhaps it's a dispicable topic, but I'm hard up for cash, and that $5,000 would pay for around a years worth of rent while I persue my degrees in music composition/double-bass performance. Take it as you will; I hope I don't get a warning. Here's a link for those of you feeling a little altruistic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0skwNkuhX2U Thanks to anyone who takes the time. -WC
  14. So this thread doesn't run into the ground: What piece of music/composer do you folks think would best represent Objectivism? Because Rand stated Rachmaninoff as her composer of choice, I think that he gets more play around here. The more I listen to Sibelius, the more I think that his particular brand of Romanticism is true to an Objectivist's sense of life. As a side, who here is familiar with Mussorgsky? I'm beginning to think that his "Great Gates of Kiev" from "Pictures at an Exhibition" (as orchestrated by Ravel) would make for one hell of an anthem for rational men. Something to be played at the burial of capitalism.
  15. Perhaps we're analyzing in differant manners; I listen to the 3rd and hear perfect structure. From a theory standpoint, his third is by far the best planned. For raw emotion, I'd say the 2nd, and more so the 1st take the cake. The way in which the main theme is played out in the first movement in the 3rd is stunningly well crafted.
  16. I wasn honestly thinking about posting that youtube video again; but it seems too easy. Point is, you can defend Schoenberg for whatever reason you want, but don't use Objectivism as your source material.
  17. Interesting. Of all Sibelius symphonies, the 2nd is my least favorite. I'm going to have to go back and listen closer. Just wait till you get to the 3rd!
  18. The Paavo Berglund recordings? I own that particular cd set.
  19. I'm not sure why that particular piece has gained so much popularity; you're correct in your statement that it has no coherent theme. I do believe it's success is in it's treatment of 'nationalism'. Finlandia, I'd venture, is the epitome of the nationalist movement which had, was, and still would, take place in Europe in the musical scene. I'm glad Sibelius was brought up; I've fallen in love witht he first again. The man's symphonic form is impeccable, and his sonority is entirely his own. In regards to The Rite; I don't recommend that piece to many, and I, myself, have my misgivings about the piece. In terms of tonality, it is either nonsensical or totally lacking (though it has sections of pure brilliance). In terms of rhythm, and above all, orchestral coloring, I'd say that The Rite is one of those timeless pieces sure to turn a few heads (more often than not, towards the exit).
  20. I saw no Sibelius on there. Tisk tisk. I highly recommend his 1st and 3rd symphonies, as well as his violin concerto. Judging by some of the other material on that list, you'll fall in love with him, start to finish. I have a differant taste, and I wouldn't recommend my likes to the passive listener, but if you want a work out in your listening, I highly recommend the Prokofiev Piano Concerti 1-3, and Stravinsky's Firebird (and for a very adventurous listener, The Rite of Spring).
  21. It's not my business; at least it wouldn't have been had people not praised it as genius. I need to put my foot down on absurdity at some point; and Schoenberg and his ilk bring it out of me.
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