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  1. Well, some people might say I am frugal/cheap, but I say I have very high standards. I will only tip if they give exceptional service. Otherwise, I won't tip. I honestly do not understand why someone would tip even though they got average to poor service. To me, tipping is a direct statement of their quality of service.
  2. Thank you both for your encouragement, and appreciation. Felipe, I think that "Shaping ones surroundings in the image of one's values and sense of life" is the only thing to do if you are a value oriented person. It has taken a lot of work to even come to the point of actively pursuing values and having that as your main orientation towards life. Yes, I have surrounded myself with beautiful art, amazing people and knowledge. But it still takes a lot to not let the negativity of the world bother me. Burgess, You are most certainly welc
  3. There is something on a small scale that I am nonetheless proud of that I did last week. I am a hairstylist, and there is a forum for hairstylists that I am a member of. It's forum where we talk about everything that has to do with the industry, from new haircutting techniques, colors, products ect.... One day last week, I log on, and see this awful thread called "A series of unfortunate events". (!) The description was "Ever had a bad day where everything seems to go wrong? A color turned out bad, you get a moody client, your haircut is off....?"
  4. Dave, What exactly is e-crushing? Groovenstein, LOL, no comment............. ~C~
  5. Unconquered, "Average dpression" is what half or more than half of what society expereinces. It is the feeling of hopelessness, of worthlessness. The total absence of any self-confidence. Malevolent view, fatalistic view. The feeling that life isn't worth living. The person doesn't want to do anything, doesn't want to work, bathe, clean achieve, nothing. Total lack of motivation, values, and often contemplates/ attempts death. What do you mean by SSRI drugs *work*. If my serotonin levels were unbalanced like the doctor said they were, why am I no longer depre
  6. JMeganSnow, Interesting question!! I have never been really scared of death. Before Objectivism, I have never realized the true beauty and value of life like I do now. When I think of death now, I feel a huge sense of sadness, a sense of a huge loss. I don't want to leave, I love being alive, I don't want to miss out on anything. I could easily live for another 3-4 hundred years. I would learn and do soo many things!! I don't ever want to leave, but I wouldn't have it any other way, because like you mentioned, "it is only the concept 'life' that makes values poss
  7. Unconquered, I would have to disagree with you on a certain level on this. Excluding Alzhiemer's, Autism, (Shcizpohrenia) ect...... I think that average deprssion CAN be overcome by a rational mind, and with the help of a rational psychotherapist like PhD. Ellen Kenner, or PhD. Michael.J.Hurd. I have had personal experience. I was diagnosed as "depressed" about 5 years ago. I went to a psychologist, and was put on Paxil because I was told my "ceratonin" levels were unbalanced. I went through a very dark period which I won't get into here. But the point is, is that after getting introdu
  8. Hey! This first picture is of my friend and I, when we went to Montreal. I'm on the left! The second is of me at my friends cottage! Ahhhh, that cottage was soo beautiful!!
  9. Yes, there is a difference. Allow me to illustrate from my personal experience. Before Objectivism, I had a peculiar "need" to be with someone, I felt anxious and confused if I didn't have anything to do. I externalized myself so much (focussed on other people) that I never listened to my own wants, needs, thoughts and desires. Just a constant pressure of what other people were thinking. Now, after Objectivism, I absolutely LOVE and cherish my alone time. As I've gained my independence, I feel like a solid person with a very rich personality with man
  10. Excellent point studentofobjectivism. I myself used to do that, and as a result, the conversation couldn't go much further than that because I hadn't thought it out. I thought that somehow the statement was self-explanitory.
  11. I think an Objectivist is someone who is rational all the time. They are constantly focussing on the facts. They are always thinking about something, and trying to figure things out. I don't mean that one always needs to be calculating crucial formulas, but they do need to be focussed on reality. I also think a constant active expansion of the mind is another requisite. This process and rationality go together. You can't learn if you aren't focussed on the facts. That being said, the same goes for applying the virtues. You are
  12. Ahhhh....... I thought this topic would never come up!! Being a hairstylist, I feel right at home in this topic! ;D Although I am able to do make-up, my expertise is in hair. Allow me to make a few suggestions on facial shapes and hairstyles. The ideal facial shape is oval. In any hairstyle, this is the look you are trying to create. If you have: - A round face - Go for hairstyles that are either above or below (preferably below) your chin. If you get a chin length
  13. LOL Jose! I wanted to clarify that I wasn't talking about you! ( I would never be so presumptuous!) I was talking as a general principle!
  14. Yes, I agree. I think that if you aren't telling the other person what you need and want, you aren't being selfish enough. And for someone to give thier all in the relationship, they need to be "at their all" if you will. You can't have a relationship without a strong self..... And I think it's better to wait and actualize your potential than to call the whole thing off, when all along you were right for eachother....
  15. I used to have those "mood swings" also. My doctor put me on medication for it. Now, after having discovered Objectivism, I know there is no such thing as an imbalance. I just needed to root out my contradictions and introspect. I have a question. Why does the issue of repression keep coming up among Objectivists? I mean I've even found in myself that I've been hardening towards people. I know that is wrong because I think that is a form of generalizing, but I do know most people deserve it. I've been keeping a close eye on myself, and have noticed that when I'm at pe
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