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  1. What medical right could be better than one that improves your immune function? According to studies employers will pay billions of dollars for healthcare expenses in 2005. What if there existed a product that could provide preventative medicine to improve employee health? As many of you know, I research medical developments in my free time. Recently I came across a product that is being paid for by ACCHHS(state healthcare) and Medicare to treat people here in Arizona. I was so excited by this product that I am considering starting a letter writing campaign to ask John Kerry to accept this as his campaign platform. In a country as rich as ours, shouldn't everybody have improved immune function? Here is the product: http://www.road-to-health.com/am/publish/article_85.shtml It is called the Thermal Therapy unit. Now before you read all the supporting literature, consider this. -It is already FDA approved -It does not involve genetic manipulation -No embryos were killed to research or create it -It is already popular among the elderly and disabled who are responsible for 80% of the current healthcare expenditures in the United States (grandma likes her thermal unit!) -While it is true that there exist products based on Chinese medicine that may improve immune function, those products are not FDA approved. -While it is true that a company in California called AmGen has created a product that assists in the growth of new body tissue, that product took 5 years to get FDA approval and involves fancy genetic engineering. -Although there is research being done by multi-national corporations into immune function, do their immune products run on two AA batteries? -Medicare pays for it, or if you live in Arizona and other select states, your medical plan will cover it Critics may say- -That you can achieve thermal therapy by buying an electric blanket from Walmart for $15. But an electric blanket is not FDA approved and your doctor cannot write you a prescription for it. Also you have to use your own money to buy an electric blanket, but a Thermal unit can be paid for on Uncle Sam's dollars. Critics also say- -That the anus is not typically considering an organ important for immune function. While it is true that there are products awaiting FDA approval that cause changes in the pancreas and adrenal glands, use of those products may be decades away. Those products also involve fancy genetic research. We Americans don't trust newfangled genetic research. Why wait for what future medical advancements may or may not bring? The Thermal Therapy unit is based on the Technology of the Now™. Right now millions of Americans think that their employer or 'the rich' owe them free healthcare. Could they be wrong? John Kerry says, "no" and offers the deep pockets of the government. I smell free money. All that we need wait for is for John Kerry to approve this message and you too can enjoy thermal therapy. ps- If you like the Thermal Therapy unit you might also consider buying this product to ride in your city: http://www.conferencebike.com/ President Bush enjoyed his ride on the conference bike. He said he would love to a sponsor a ride for seven of his most vociferous liberal critics down a busy NYC street! Or better yet, have them take it on the Autobahn! pps- As you noticed there is a serious side to this message. Billions of dollars in products and services are funnelled thru the hands of Medicare, the FDA, and other Health and Human Services type programs every year. The people that run those programs have a vested interest in continuing to get funded. They don't really care what products get approved, only that their jobs continue. Currently there are important gene research products that may be awaiting approval indefinitely at the FDA, because genetic research is not a hot political button like AIDS or Senior Care. If the government gets total control over medical research it will get even worse. Do you think government sponsored/managed healthcare is a good idea? -Forward me to your friends-
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