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  1. Kyniklos


    Why?. I meant that she experienced a process through her conscience was shaped to another totally contradictory with what a human being should be, i.e; a rational being. I do not know if I am being clear enough... The problem is that she is risking her own life and her family is suffering the effects of her decision. The collateral damage is not nonexistent but it is boosted day by day. We know exactly how to help her, we have the technology and the money, but we cannot do anything. It is frustrating. That is why I think that it would not be too much reprehensible to evade her beliefs. I know that her freedom must be respected but her error is also being harmful to everyone around her. Greetings!
  2. Kyniklos


    Hello I would like to analyze a problem from an objectivist point of view: my grandmother has anemia, she needs a blood transfusion to avoid a deterioration of her illness but she refuses this kind of solution because she is a Jehova's witness. Apparently her belief forces her to suffer unneccesary because there are some passages on the Bible that forbid the acceptance of a transfusion because it is contrary to the desires of her god. I am sure that her refusal is not rational but based on irrational ideas. Despite of my efforts I cannot convince her that it is a injurious decision (even after showing her how incoherent Jevoha's witnessess are, not just theologically). Since I do not want to see my grandmother suffering, I wish to do something to help her. Her doctors said that blood is the only possible solution, but they cannot force her to use it if she is not insane, she has right to decide. My point is that she cannot choose correctly due to an irrational alienation she has suffered, so I want that the transfusion be performed even perforce (applying anaesthesia e.g). My ethical doubt comes at this point; Do I have the right to do it?, Can I save my grandmother's life even if I break her creed?. I know that her beliefs are irrational and I know that they can kill her, but I do not know if ethically I have the right to go against her beliefs. From an objectivist point of view, what would be the correct choice?. Greetings!
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