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    After reading the description of Objectivism @ UofM [ http://umso.wordpress.com/2008/08/04/closed-system-vs-open-system-why-the-open-system-fails-part-1-of-5/ ]as "closed" v. "open" I agree I must think in terms of "closed system." I don't disagree with anything of Rand's that I've read; but I try to add my own new insights in my weblog http://freeassemblage.blogspot.com/ My background includes ownership of a restaurant, a retail outlet, manager for a chain of stores, asst. Boy Scout leader, Cub Scout Den Leader, and proud father of two adult sons. Dean of a distance-learning academy in a state of academic-preparedness (In other words, Not Ready for Business Yet!)
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    A very broad range of subjects (as my website will attest--see the Archive) so long as I can make a philosophical connection to the subject.<br />Most difficult book read: Husserl's "Phenom of Internal Time Consciousness"<br />Book read most times: Atlas Shrugged<br />Other favorite phil. resources: The Syntopicon; Dict. of Phil. (Runes); Internet Ency. of Phil; New Advent; SEP; internet
  1. BEFORE my first reading, I ran into my first anti-Rand critic, my English teacher, who had assigned us all to read '10-points' worth of books for the semester. I had just read Rand's interview in Playboy (I was a senior in '72/'73) and the teacher said she would give me 10 points for that one book, but the report had better be good--and she said in a tone dripping with disdain. I couldn't imagine why, until I began hearing how Ayn Rand's critics would say anything about her to discredit her. To the teacher's credit, she never said a word.
  2. The distinction Dragon Lady makes is the difference between Objectivism and scientific naturalism. The website Center for Naturalism states, "More and more, biology and neuroscience show that the brain and body do everything that the soul was supposed to do. [ ] Your thoughts, experiences, feelings, decisions, and behavior are all things your brain and body does. [ ] Naturalism says we are completely physical, material creatures, a complex, highly organized collection of atoms, molecules, cells, neurons, muscles, bone, etc., produced by evolution." The owner of the Center for Naturalism is
  3. [This is ethics but also epistemology if you read all of it.] "Susan Dwyer (moral psychology, applied ethics, feminist theory), Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Maryland at Baltimore County has accepted a tenured offer from the Department of Philosophy at the University of Maryland, College Park, effective January 2009." Leiterreports. I think I had heard the name of Ms. Dwyer before, but I didn't know who she was. Leiter thought she was worth promoting, or possibly she is a friend or working associate. So, to familiarize myself with a philosopher I didn't know I
  4. Patricia Churchland and others like her, like Tom Clark, like Dawkins and Brian Leiter and Susan Blackmore, Daniel C. Dennet, et. al ad infinitum, are called "reductivists." (Tibor Machan told me this, so I researched it and he's right.) They reduce everything to the bio-physiological workings of the human body, then use that to deny the existence of free will and the soul. (I don't mean a transcendental soul; the soul dies with the body.) Even Ayn Rand believed in the soul--read Chapter 11 of Anthem. And that is not the only place she uses it. It abounds in her non-fiction as well. If the
  5. Visit My Website Ayn Rand's Philosophy not "A Propos" to Leiter's Naturalism Brian Leiter of "Leiter Reports: A Philosophy Blog", could not be expected to be a fan of Ayn Rand, because of his contribution to the determinism of scientific naturalism. So it is not surprising that he "finds amusing" lieterreports an article in "Slate" slate.com that describes libertarianism as "ideology [that] makes no sense," because its adherents are "frozen in the worldview many of them absorbed from reading Ayn Rand novels in high school. Slate also says, "Utopians of the right, libertarians are just as co
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