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    Dog Ban

    In the city I live in, Indianapolis, there has been an increase in the number of pit bull attacks. This rise has re-sparked talks of a proposal from our former Mayor to enact a pit bull ban. The plan would be to give the owners a certain time limit to turn over their dogs for termination. Other options would be a rigorous selection process for ownership of the dogs. On a local radio program recently the host had on a guest talking about this topic and opened up the lines for callers. One of the callers suggested that a ban on pit bulls would be like banning a gun. The host rebuked the caller saying that guns where protected under the Constitution and pit bulls where not. This however is something I have a problem with. The problem is this, if pit bulls are the property of the dog owner than by enacting a law to ban them would actually be a law banning ownership of private property. Something I think the Constitution does cover. Am I wrong in this conclusion?
  2. Without reviling too much I think that in true Hollywood fashion they will try to work in a happy ending. From what I've read of people who know the ending of the movie it's going to be different. I don't think the comic's version of what happens to New York would have actually worked, but if they actually keep the same motive but different method for it then I won't be too upset.
  3. President: Barack Obama Everyone Else: Democrat Reason: I love this country, or at least what this country was. A great house that stood for Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that we all lived in and gave us purpose. Those ideas though have warped, rotted, and have caught on fire with everything that has happened in the recent years. I hear some of you say "If we can hold them this year we might have a chance." or "let's vote so nothing happens." i am not that optimistic and that is no way to live. So I voted for Obama, not because I felt he was the best or could make this country better. I voted for him because I knew the exact opposite would happen. Like a house engulfed in flames you can't save it by throwing a bucket of water on it from time to time. When it's that far gone you just let it burn. When the fire has gone out and the ashes have cooled, you build a new house. I love my life and everything about it, and if I was to get sick I would do everything I could to save myself. If I waited and let it spread though me and chose to late to save myself well then I would just let myself died, instead of living a hellish life on life support.
  4. I'm not going to jump in and say this guy is tiring to stir up some trouble or that he is conscious that his position on the subject is wrong. I have encountered many people like him who see things going bad and adopt a "that'll show'em" attitude when trying to figure out what to do. Their problem (and its a growing one at that) is they don't think about what they read. I'd be willing to say this guy read the book but most likely thought it a great story about a train company instead of a deep philosophical novel dealing with real problems and how rational people deal with them. So many others I've encouraged to read Atlas Shrugged have come to the same solution that he did. That solution being "lets stop working, and will do what they do and not advance, that will show them!" not understanding why the men of the mind left in the first place. They didn't leave because of malice, hated, or because they thought this will really get them back. They left because they could no longer live in the word that was. They didn't stop working and just sit around and wait for some one to come in and give them a better life, they worked to the best of their abilities until Gult showed up and gave them a chance to live for themselves. I'm pretty sure that even Gult himself, when he was working as a greaser for the trains, was the best greaser they had on the line, even if he knew he didn't have to be. In summation what I'm trying to say is, don't stop working because you think "they're not going to get me now that I've stop trying to be someone" because friend they already have you.
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