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  1. Once again, the Pope is right. What is the point of wealth in this life if it gets you to hell in the next?
  2. The Trinity is something that man can't understand. It is a holy mystery, one that God keeps purposefully to make sure we have faith. I could think of about a dozen ways it might work, but they all might be wrong. Or right (at the same time).
  3. Pornography is bad. I am neutral about banning it(though I believe I lean toward a ban). You should not commit suicide (killing is wrong, and good luck atoning while dead). Euthanasia is bad, you should hold onto life. Punishment is an incentive not to do bad things. Laws should be moral. Every person has the right to life, and a fetus is a person
  4. The one who ordained the true moral law, the one who gives our lives purpose, is not any human. It is God. The Bible was written under the influence of the Holy Spirit, so it cannot be wrong (though we could have screwed up in translating and transmitting it). Though, Jason did mess up a little bit. In Paul's Epistle to the Romans it is stated that the Old Testament is obsolete. So the Ten Commandments (at least in the literal since, as you can support every point with a New Testament quote) are not the Law, the New Testament is(unless he is Jewish).
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