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  1. Well the legal foundation for how one owns property is set by the government. (like a slip saying you own this). this is in line with the job of the government is to protect you from violations of your person, property and rights.
  2. well to answer it there is no reason to Support the GOP. That party is basically made up of Christian Socialists (Bush and Huckabee) and Neo-Cons (Cheney) non of which are in line with Objectivist thought.
  3. Why prop up a failing company when quite frankly they just need to go bankrupt? GM has clearly shown that they can't stabilize their business so why give them billions to burn through? The fact of the matter is the executives of this company are using the mantel of "all those poor workers" losing their jobs to allow them to keep their jobs. GM and Ford both need to seriously downsize, if bankruptcy is what they need to do that they need to realize that. If they really need the money, then they can go to a bank (one that is healthy anyway) and make the case as to why the need the money. GM and Ford is only asking for a bailout because their business is so far in so much shambles that a real bank will not actually give them a loan.
  4. they seem to be what to embrace the religious right even more now? The GOP has become the conservative democrat party.
  5. Well, this can also serve as an introduction to this forum but am as well a gay objectivist. I actually found this guy on youtube who is a homojectivist soo i stalk i mean talk to him quite a bit. But yes ... never alone.
  6. The republican party is currently a circular firing squad; each group trying to expel the others within the party they wish to blame for their current predicament. It will be interesting to see what comes from the rumble but i don't think we are going to hear from the GOP for a very long time. The Neo-Cons and the No Nothings simply have too much control and vested interest in the party to allow to the return to more of a principal more in line with objectivism such as Goldwater.
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