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  1. Since this is actually a circumspect response to my thread, I submit a motion to the moderators to merge the threads.
  2. Do Yaron Brook's appearances on Glenn Beck's talk show constitute a sanction of libertarianism? I don't think so, but a few people having been making this argument in chat with no progress. They claim that since Glenn Beck has a libertarian ideology, that being on his show implicitly supports his ideology. I bring this to the forum to be settled, because it has been going on far too long in chat.
  3. Why have there been so few great female mathematicians and physicists? My theory is that it is somehow related to sex drive. Math and physics generally require a single-minded, obsessive focus that seems analogous to libido. Isaac Newton and Leonardo are two prime examples of male geniuses. One thing they had in common was abstinence from sex, which I suspect has something to do with their successes. Then, in AR’s fiction you have creators like Roark and Rearden who pursue their narrow interests with an all-consuming drive. Dagny’s talents seem to be of a very different nature, integrating a big picture to manage a company effectively. AR herself seems to fit under this category as well. It seems that that male drive can be diverted into creative energy. Personally, I have noticed a psychological difference after more than two weeks of complete abstinence—I’ve had more energy and focus in doing my work. Is this something other people (male or female) have noticed as well? Note: I’ve intentionally omitted the names of previous people who have proposed this theory so as not to prejudice any readers.
  4. Fie on the so-called French Paradox!
  5. It would sound really cool if they called it chariot racing.
  6. Sheikdom-model welfare state: Nationalized oil reserves give the state enough revenue to buy off the population.
  7. IRC servers allow the administrator to mask IPs.
  8. As someone who primarily uses the webchat, I would like bring the dissatisfaction of myself and other chat users to the attention of the forum administration. First, the webchat has regular network problems, inconveniently interrupting conversations for several minutes. The Ajax client is a resource hog that lacks useful features like auto-logging and auto-reconnect. Besides that, it often hangs, locking up keyboard input in other windows. I propose switching the chat system to IRC. For forum integration, there are plenty of browser-based clients to choose from. Network reliability would be vastly improved by using one of the major IRC networks. OO.net could operate its own IRC server, but I suspect much of the performance problems are due to its own hosting. Access restriction to the IRC channel could be achieved with trivial scripting.
  9. We don't call people who don't collect stamps aphilatelists.
  10. If you think she's hard to get out of your mind now, wait until she meets someone else and you are constantly wondering "what if?" I don't consider anything under 9948 miles a long-distance relationship anymore. It scares me to think how close I was to not dating my fiancée because she would have to go back home at the end of our semester.
  11. Give the relationship a chance. Continuing it at "long" distance isn't the end of the world.
  12. I used a similar Photo Booth plugin to make one of me.
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