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  1. I have been using google+ for a few weeks now and most of my friends that I actually want to talk to are on there and I have found more friends easier and less obnoxiously since it can refer to who I talk to most on my email. And now I have realized that facebook is now just a way to keep up with bands I like, etc. Reminds me of what I used Myspace for after facebook came along.
  2. Yeah its better to let the child decide when they're an adult. Then its a personal choice to get the cosmetic operation.
  3. The actual article isn't as direct on as that summary. They merely state tha there is a discrepancy, likely related to radiative forcing and it should be investigated. journal article
  4. I have experienced this and as a boyfriend i usually just outright ask if my girlfriend wants me to be there. But trust me, it is really nice when I am given a very clear desire from my girlfriend to attend an event. People are busy and sometimes have a fair bit on their plates; it doesn't make you a better couple to communicate less and "read eachother's minds". It's cool when it happens but you can get a lot further by being clear about what you want.
  5. Saw this in IMAX 3d this past weekend. Overall a cool movie with great special effects. Not fantastic but still solid. Morally it seemed sort of decent minus the whole selfless mantras from the father but his methods seldom worked anyways. What did you think?
  6. That paperwork proves that he finished it and notified them but he quit and they, not being worthy of their positions, did not see its value. Its still justified
  7. I wish some governing entity would get off their ass and just nix the term marriage altogether and just give gay and straight couples alike civil union licenses and let people get "married" however they want.
  8. Put it to her this way: if she has no feelings for him and does not feel that it is likely for them to develop she does herself and him a disservice being with him and they should break up. If after breaking with him she wants to be with you thats her choice. Maintain your distance and friendship until she settles it and encourage her to think and introspect on the issue. If she takes too long to make a decision good for herself out of pity then you ought to move on.
  9. If you want a more figurative one theres the Garden of Eden. They ate from the tree of knowledge instead of blindly following the command of god and were banished for it.
  10. Im 19 and Objectivist. My senior year I was #2 in my class and Atlas Shrugged had been recommended by one of my favorite teachers and the only student ranked higher than me in my class. Read nearly all of her works over the next year and it influenced me a lot.
  11. Just saw it tonight. Great movie that was very engaging and kept your mind working throughout. Always consistent with its realities and rules. What'd you guys think?
  12. Im a third year engineering student myself. I would take the most challenging path you can reasonably afford. Accounting and computer science are good careers but to me are mind numbingly boring. And Bio and agricultural science is somewhat an engineering major. Find some good college sites and read up about their majors there. Do what makes you happy and keeps you challenged.
  13. I don't have tons of experience but all I can suggest is that you reason through why it is not good for you and why you are a solid person and make sure the reasoning is rock solid; then, never let it slide a bit. You'll want to revert back but giving in in the slightest unravels your progress very quickly. When you are in the scenarios near her consciously focus on your reasoning and perception to make sure that it is accurate and remind yourself of how she is no better than before and of where it led. In summary, reaffirm your self worth and never let it go and make sure you see clearly at all times so that you don't get lulled into complacency.
  14. Well I suppose I can't but Rand defined what Objectivism is and your beliefs are not compatible with it; they are antithetical. What you claim to be is an Objectivist and non-Objectivist at once which is a contradiction and all. I agree they are all invented and none are better than the others because they all possess no true value. At most they produce an imagined effect that at some point is diminished by reality.
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