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  1. I have been using google+ for a few weeks now and most of my friends that I actually want to talk to are on there and I have found more friends easier and less obnoxiously since it can refer to who I talk to most on my email. And now I have realized that facebook is now just a way to keep up with bands I like, etc. Reminds me of what I used Myspace for after facebook came along.
  2. Yeah its better to let the child decide when they're an adult. Then its a personal choice to get the cosmetic operation.
  3. The actual article isn't as direct on as that summary. They merely state tha there is a discrepancy, likely related to radiative forcing and it should be investigated. journal article
  4. I have experienced this and as a boyfriend i usually just outright ask if my girlfriend wants me to be there. But trust me, it is really nice when I am given a very clear desire from my girlfriend to attend an event. People are busy and sometimes have a fair bit on their plates; it doesn't make you a better couple to communicate less and "read eachother's minds". It's cool when it happens but you can get a lot further by being clear about what you want.
  5. Saw this in IMAX 3d this past weekend. Overall a cool movie with great special effects. Not fantastic but still solid. Morally it seemed sort of decent minus the whole selfless mantras from the father but his methods seldom worked anyways. What did you think?
  6. That paperwork proves that he finished it and notified them but he quit and they, not being worthy of their positions, did not see its value. Its still justified
  7. I wish some governing entity would get off their ass and just nix the term marriage altogether and just give gay and straight couples alike civil union licenses and let people get "married" however they want.
  8. Put it to her this way: if she has no feelings for him and does not feel that it is likely for them to develop she does herself and him a disservice being with him and they should break up. If after breaking with him she wants to be with you thats her choice. Maintain your distance and friendship until she settles it and encourage her to think and introspect on the issue. If she takes too long to make a decision good for herself out of pity then you ought to move on.
  9. If you want a more figurative one theres the Garden of Eden. They ate from the tree of knowledge instead of blindly following the command of god and were banished for it.
  10. Im 19 and Objectivist. My senior year I was #2 in my class and Atlas Shrugged had been recommended by one of my favorite teachers and the only student ranked higher than me in my class. Read nearly all of her works over the next year and it influenced me a lot.
  11. Just saw it tonight. Great movie that was very engaging and kept your mind working throughout. Always consistent with its realities and rules. What'd you guys think?
  12. Im a third year engineering student myself. I would take the most challenging path you can reasonably afford. Accounting and computer science are good careers but to me are mind numbingly boring. And Bio and agricultural science is somewhat an engineering major. Find some good college sites and read up about their majors there. Do what makes you happy and keeps you challenged.
  13. I don't have tons of experience but all I can suggest is that you reason through why it is not good for you and why you are a solid person and make sure the reasoning is rock solid; then, never let it slide a bit. You'll want to revert back but giving in in the slightest unravels your progress very quickly. When you are in the scenarios near her consciously focus on your reasoning and perception to make sure that it is accurate and remind yourself of how she is no better than before and of where it led. In summary, reaffirm your self worth and never let it go and make sure you see clearly at all times so that you don't get lulled into complacency.
  14. Well I suppose I can't but Rand defined what Objectivism is and your beliefs are not compatible with it; they are antithetical. What you claim to be is an Objectivist and non-Objectivist at once which is a contradiction and all. I agree they are all invented and none are better than the others because they all possess no true value. At most they produce an imagined effect that at some point is diminished by reality.
  15. You're not an Objectivist. It is a closed system which contains atheism and non-religion. Rationalize your religion however you want to comfort yourself but you don't fool others. Even if there is a portion of the brain disposed towards religion that doesn't make it appropriate as a means of survival for man. Schizophrenics have a schizophrenic portion of their brain but it doesn't make it a good way to live. Also Alper's statistical studies don't prove anything; It has to be sensible and appropriate for individual lives. Majorities have done all kinds of stupid things through history; religion is just one of the most recurring ones. Additionally I do not see how this benefits your life in any way. As I see it, it is a waste of time and like all deism is just an added pointless construct between your beliefs and knowledge and yourself. And also do you really worship gods from Elder Scrolls? I mean I thought Christianity was crazy but resorting to a pantheon of gods like you live in ancient Greece or Rome and basing them on video game elements? When I finally began to move to atheism I realized there was little point believing in hypothetical characters I am certain to be false when I could believe in myself and my abilities to do good without trying to please a God.
  16. Its contradictory and pretty worthless from what i gathered. he shows how popular and successful Rand was and is and then detracts her by association with people not even in her movement. It's somewhat pathetic. In the end he associates her with Reagan, Nixon and Beck and praises socialism and the left. At no point does he ever make an argument for his point but by detracting Rand with ad hominems, etc.
  17. I have had my phone a week and there hasn't been one issue. I know guys who had their phones for months and not a single issue. Regardless of how it was made it works and works better or as well as other phone OS's. And here's a newsflash all OS's are made by groups. They're divided into parts and made piecemeal then patched together and worked with to be better. That is the reason Microsoft made a mediocre performance with vista is because they do that more than anyone. This is the same as any because while the OS was owned by the OHA it was actually created by Android, Inc. and some of google. As for apps its real easy to tell which ones are safe because of capitalism. The entire marketplace is sorted by popularity and use and the majority of apps are created by companies you already know, ie the WSJ. It is never hard to pick out false apps if you have common sense; just check their website and get your application from known sources you already trust instead of shady ones. The WSJ arcticle asserts the apps are less safe because they are not checked before they are put up but they still register every single purchase so they can keep track of a false application. Finally There is nothing wrong with Open Source, every other product google has created is free, gmail, google docs, google calendar, google chrome, google itself. They all work well and are user friendly and useful. Linux isn't used despite being open source because its complexity is too much for most users and the price of another OS is worth the saved time.
  18. Anyone else here use any phones running Android? I recently got the Motorola Droid and it is probably one of the best things I've ever done. It's like having a mini computer on me all the time. What do you think?
  19. One good human striving to not be a human in order to be better is not a good example of humanity. Atlas Shrugged had many people who were good or at least average who were relatable and sensible characters. Avatar was the opposite with 5 totally good humans fighting cookie-cutter villains with no middle ground; oh and these good guys all became not humans or made themselves not look like humans. Oh but Na'vi could be rational beings too! Except they live in tribes with no individual sense and their entire goal in life is communion with nature and no impact on the natural world around them. No matter how much time passes they are content because they have nature. To promote that as the ideal to approach is anti-human. Technology and ideas move us forward; getting rid of technology and new ideas for nature does not advance anything. Also, love the oatmeal as well. hilarious webcomic
  20. fountainhead777


    I have had a Zune 80gb and a Zune HD and while they work well the support for the latter frustrates me. It had a phenomenal graphics chip but there are so few good apps for it and they wont let third party developers make them.
  21. But see you will only benefit in the short term because that is all the current government thinks in. You will pay much more taxes on to account for it and the costs of health care will go up and the quality will likely go down. So do not worry; we are all getting screwed.
  22. But with so much technical power to create a new unique world, he creates an alien race which is nearly exact metaphor to most stories of Native Americans. I appreciate uniquely done originality over slightly varied, pretty-looking rehashed story.
  23. This explains why the story is so tired and boring. Link Seems liek we have all heard the exact same story before
  24. I dont think they should just start out of the blue but if they clearly tell people then it can only be the customer's fault. You cannot force them to let others use their property. This would be a condition you accept when you purchase the vehicle
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