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  1. Because it is consistent. Using your example of the pink elephants, you could see them once, but they would not always be there. Additionally none of your other senses would represent them. Nothing but a misguided sense would say they were there. Now when your sense are functioning right everything is consistent and perceived by others as well. This tells you there must be some consistent reality or else knowledge and living would be impossible.
  2. opinions become fact when based in reality because reality exists consistently. If your opinion cannot be taken back to reality and proven there its pointless conjecture and likely wrong. What you are aiming to do is make it so you cannot be proven wrong by disengaging proof. Also none of us gets why our sense are subjective. what i see through my eyes is consistent and backed up by the views of other objective senses from em and others. whats more is that my perceptions are consistent with respect to time. Maybe my yes are tired and i see something incorrectly for a moment but that incorrect perception is not consistent and is quickly disproved by correct perceptions.
  3. By definition liberals want change, and conservatives oppose change. By connotation todays liberals want more socialism. So technically Objectivists are liberals but have little in common with the majority of common liberals
  4. yeah i dont think theres a problem with it as long as it doesnt interfere with their job as with any other job
  5. Yeah it is not as good as the last. There are a few good songs that shine but it lost some of its uniqueness. There's this other local band that sounds really promising called Hephystus
  6. The first single from Between the Buried and Me's new album The Great Misdirect And I second Dethklok. Fun and fairly good music.
  7. I think it is honestly to limit the use of those drugs in the making of Meth. But the government went too far in the prevention and made ridiculosu rules that persecute normal people. Also it is interesting to note that this rule is part of the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005, a part of the PATRIOT Act
  8. Wouldnt this "association" of Objectivism with all aspects of Libertarianism and the right only be thought of as full for people who are ignorant of our epistemology and ethics? So that basically the only ones fooled or pushed away are those who accept second-handed ideas and do not penetrate the meaning of things on their own? I know that Objectivism will have problems being accepted among the majority but I think it is better for people to investigate our ideas and really comprehend them in order to follow Objectivism. Not to mention that you can agree with some areas and still be differentiated from that philosophy. This whole argument has sort of been encompassed in the Brook on Beck topic.
  9. Agreed. I have to say the majority of the movie was mediocre but the final scene was pretty humorous if a bit dark. THe only reason the movie was recommended to me was the ending.
  10. If some idea is critical to the living of one's life then dedicating your life to that idea is in a way furthering your ultimate value. In AS the heroes must pursue the spread of their ideas and values so that they will no longer be sacrificed to the looters. There is a chance they would lose their life but their lives would have been unfulfilled.
  11. The couple of times I have seen Brook on there he makes sure to make his views on religion well-known, likely to reach capitalists who are not christian.
  12. As long as Brook establishes his differences and defends his views when his complicity would allow a sanction I do not think it would. Every time I have seen him on there he makes sure to differentiate his beliefs. The only people who it would appear so to are those who do not actually pay attention to the appearances or think every person on a show agrees completely with the host.
  13. values are objectively defined in benefit to your life not your supposed after-life. If a value cannot be demonstrated to have a tangible direct benefit to yoru life it is not a value much less a higher value.
  14. I haven't watched House but it is probable. I think it is interesting to note that both characters with well formed moral codes also have major drawbacks given to them.
  15. Rorschach is supposed to be Mr A, an Objectivist superhero who sees crime and justice in terms of black and white. Things are right or wrong, no middle ground. Obviously the creator of watchmen has some disdain for these sort of ethics by adding in psychoses for the hero to make him a brutal murderer but despite this Rorschach ends up being one of the most admirable characters for his integrity. I suppose the author wanted to create a negative association of justice with the other characteristics of Rorschach's character but in my experience he failed. Also it seems the movie depicted him as more brutal and insane than the graphic novel.
  16. Isn't the point of this new remastered release to listen personally on your own system, not the radio? Honestly I do not listen to much music via radio because the selection is poor and the quality is poor. The only exception for me is classical music because the music is not recorded at super high qualities and there is a great station around here. That said, in my experience remastered versions are noticeably better and higher quality sound (ie higher bitrate) is much better. I can pick out higher quality rips of songs on my mp3 player over lower ones usually.
  17. I will address this one since I actually paid attention to the movie. He was a sergeant, given an opportunity to give the Basterds information on snipers which would likely have killed the Basterds. Instead of helping after being told of his fate otherwise he insulted the Basterds and called them some form of racial slur
  18. The satire is about showing the animalistic tendencies in man when they war. How they kill arbitrarily and brutally for unsubstantial reasons, how they group together and become near-tribal instead of sticking to personal values and acting on those instead and protecting freedom. I have already listed the frequent animalistic tendencies among the nazis and how the Basterds hunt them as animals and do so brutally because of the nazis abuse of rights and murder of millions/
  19. No children were abused on screen so no idea where you are going with that. She was not raped, she was a translator doubling as a mistress for the animalistic, racist, offensive Goebbels The closest thing to this was the Swastika thing and I would guess that was a temporary pain then embarrassment for the rest of their lives with choices they made to violate the rights of others. Seeing as they sanctioned and likely ordered the killing of millions they deserved death, maybe not in that manner but I do think ti interesting that the theater was turned into an execution chamber where they were killed by fire and bullets as were most executed jews. The defenseless enemy could have given up the position of Nazi soldiers who were subjugating the French and been spared easily. Instead he insulted the Basterds and wanted to see them die. The death was over-the-top but then again that is what makes it unrealistic and helps to target things via satire. I am starting to get the impression that the people ridiculing this movie dismissed it from the first and did not actually pay attention. We use details and analysis and you sue the word sadism and distortions.
  20. Justice totally wouldnt be ending a massive war over a year earlier, saving millions of lives and even more money, keeping Germany mostly intact after they surrender so that the Cold War doesnt start with as much hositility. All of this done by American soldiers and a jewish woman, whose family was killed by the nazis. That would not be justice. Especially because the majority of the so called sadists died in the theater or earlier on... As far as I can tell you felt squeamish at the over the top, unrealistic violence used to target the ones being ridiculed and therefore throw out the word sadist because there was lots of blood. Meanwhile you do not justify your point any further and while we do you just kind of ignore it and yell Sadism!
  21. Or maybe, you know substantiate your argument... God Forbid that, though.
  22. Except the characters were criminals and for that reason were scum. Man do you love to drop context. Tarantino depicts bad people at times, not favorably but they are in the situations they are in and work in the areas they are in because of their character. You cannot separate their character from any component of their being. Stop trying to.
  23. except private schools get their costs driven up so high that few can afford them and instead get stuck in mediocre schools that cater to the ever lower average. i do not want to see the average as it descends in health care
  24. Not so. World War 2 was the last major war of the world and had a group of people with many normal human traits performing cruel and unusual things. That is why they were targeted. If the context didnt matter find another context and apply the exact same ideas me and others have discussed which are based on the context to it.
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