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  1. 1. Gargantua and Pantagruel, Don Quixote, A Tale of a Tub, and the Canterbury Tales 2. Because they are meant to feel pride at the killing of people fighting for freedom. Additionally the violence in that film is realistic and thus about the real world not a false one. 3. Who made every single racist joke? Let's see, was it members of the regime who conducted mass genocide on the basis of racism? It was? I wonder why that was? Maybe to demonstrate the end result of racism. Traditionally there are two schools of satire. One is called satyra which comes from the satyr, a half beast, half man being of mythology. Its emphasis was on the beast in man. Now think back to the movie. In the beginning you have Landa making the comparison of the wolves and rats to the Nazis and Jews respectively, reducing both groups to beasts and the attributes of beasts. Later on you have a racist propaganda officer, who engages in sexual acts with a mistress and ignores all who are not of his race in a tribal, animalistic fashion. Also the Basterds hunt and kill the Nazis as if they were animals to further the characterization of them as such. The movie was about how war and racism bring out the uncivilized animal in humans. They target and brutalize this and ridicule it as much as possible throughout the movie, thus satirizing it. It was a fairly correct satire although maybe not a good objectivist film because it depicted less than ideal beings often.
  2. Additionally, the idea that you can keep your plan and nothing will change is preposterous. Introducing a new competitor to a field which can fix its own prices and which essentially takes money from all other companies to fund itself will impact prices, quantity and quality of health care available. Despite being able to keep your current plan these side effects will undoubtedly have a large negative effect on all in the health care market
  3. Nah, Nazism was about power, as are all dictatorships and statist governments. To have power over people you have to untie them in one idea and one easy way to do that is hate, especially if that hate is aimed at something that supposedly is the source of all their woes. Revenge may have been a tool to get to power but that was about the extent of it.
  4. Yeah but the implication is that none of this could exist without the government which is absolutely false. As long as consumers are rational and intelligent none of those things would be a problem. Additionally there would be more options and more advancement as is always present in a free market system.
  5. No one was ever tortured outside of the cutting the swastika and the fairly short baseball-batting. They did not take their time killing they just did it quickly and effectively and at times to send a message. And despite your opinions on it, large amounts of violence are a common theme of satire. Satirists often use large amounts of violence to brutalize those who they think are wrong or deserve to be ridiculed. In this way the nazi's are in a sense punished for their crimes. Though the violence was somewhat graphic I would not say it was sadistic. The closest to it was the baseball bat scene but after that it was either war crimes perpetrated by the Germans or relatively quick deaths of the Germans by the Basterds or some other resistance.
  6. There wasn't really anything innovative about the Dark Knight, it did conventional things well which was nice. But some of the philosophy in it was just terrible.
  7. Or it was a way to violently attack mercenaries who were at one time prevalent in South Africa and other parts of Africa. Also he did not at any point in the fight seem to be raged. He seemed to be scared and towards the end somewhat principled as he tried to make up for his abuses against the aliens by helping Christopher escape.
  8. My favorite argument against it is that something cannot be a right if it must be provided others. Kind of sums up the points against it.
  9. So you spent nearly 20 points attacking a new movie, District 9, with fairly original construction because of small discrepancies most of which were addressed, you just missed them. but on the other hand your shows which you like Don't have to be reality! Also you make all these exceptions because its a show with production decisions, like this is the only show with production decisions and it deserves more consideration because of your like of it.
  10. I really think that the only reason a Corporation did the horrible acts as opposed to the government is that the government in that area is not very strong or well funded. The government, under pressure from other nations turned to one possibility, a more well funded corporation. It's a metaphor for apartheid, the corporation simply represented mercenary forces that have worked in South Africa during those times. Corporations are a morally neutral device by nature like individuals. They can exploit and hurt people or they cannot. Because this movie had one corporation int he entire world doing this does not mean all corporations are evil just that that fictional one was evil. How did you get that the point of the whole movie was corporations are evil? To me it was much more that some groups make others out to be less than human to make them easier to oppress in their own minds.
  11. Seeing as the alien Christopher Jones could come up with plans and repair a spaceship over 20 years I would say they were rational. Now did the majority of them choose to be rational decent beings? Certainly not. The movie is about apartheid and I think that it shows that in situations where one group is discriminated against it can seem easier to keep them that way because they do not exert their rational mind but it is always necessary to respect the individual rights of any being despite them being more aimless. I think it takes a stand by Wikus' choice in the end by saying that all groups deserve rights. What it does not shy away from is that you may not like the group that is lacking in rights, which makes the choice harder, especially when they are violent but the end result must be the same
  12. It's R. Basically the alien weapons make people pop in a way that they basically go splat and there is much of that. On top of that there is some sexual references and i guess alien-rights abuses where they experiment on the aliens. I would look into the rating a little more yourself before you go.
  13. Be sure your kids can take mature content. Its a dark movie with plenty of violence and the shadier portions of humanity
  14. Saw District 9 tonight expecting something fairly thought provoking or interesting. What really made it stand out is that it is unique and the product of a truly creative mind. To my knowledge there is no movie quite like it. The filming, story, acting, and plot are all great and really bring about a great package. The one part I am not certain on is the political subtexts. From what I have heard the movie is fairly explicitly about apartheid and if so it presents a somewhat odd take on it. All in all I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys sci-fi , thought-provoking, or creatively made movies,
  15. Imperium - Machine Head I have been listening to them more lately and they seem to have some Objectivist or atleast ideas of freedom. Little angrier than most songs listed.
  16. I hate this allegory because its the justification for damnign our senses. I have heard people bring it up to defeat logic and our ability to see the world around us. That makes me sick.
  17. Interesting and alarming. also joker/Obama poster link? you said you'd post it and I'm kinda curious to get a good look at this thing that created so much controversy.
  18. I misunderstood you when you said A is not A, except in specific times when things are identical of course, to be disagreeing with A is A. Since you do not disagree with the Law of Identity your entire premise basically says: when objects are different they are in fact different than they were. Thank you for the obvious statement hidden under other random points.
  19. A is A is the law of identity not of equivocation. Every single particle in a chair is not the exact same as in another chair. But they both have the identity and properties of a chair. That is your problem. You are getting too specific. The movement of an electron never changes the identity of the chair and thus never invalidates the Law of Identity.
  20. They said there were 3 identical nations warring over middle zones and implied that the resistance was non existent or crushed. That sounds fairly hopeless especiallyw hen told from a hopeless main character who surrendered, who at the end is thinking of his surrender in a shop where he saw other resistance members who had surrendered. Not a single person in the story had integrity to stand by their convictions or values. If I had not read a similar but more hopeful work, AS, I would have received a strong tone of hopelessness based on the area and events covered by the novel.
  21. In We the Living you know that communism was isolated to a few countries and that there were free people and relatively free countries whereas the embargo on thought was complete in 1984, and the characters did nothing to resist.
  22. He is saying that the movement of the electron on the chair changes nothing. You can still immediately recognize that it is a chair and in every way it still acts the same. Simply put its identity has not changed due to that electron.
  23. link This topic already covered this pretty much. You have to get a few posts in though.
  24. It is still the same object and its properties do not arbitrarily change therefore A is still A. Each object, or A, can change its form but that is subject to strictly uniform properties that are unique to it. As long as the properties remain the same it is still A.
  25. Do you know anyone who lives absolutely without purpose and is happy? Hell try and accomplish anything without a sense of purpose. The idea itself is a contradiction. Reason is just the tool or the method to get somewhere, you need the somewhere or else the method, reason, has no use. As for self esteem, it is in my mind a check that you are in fact living correctly. for a rational person if you are living life fully you will naturally feel self esteem. I am not sure if it is the cause of a good life or the result or possibly they are inseparable.
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