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  1. He'll have a hard time finding interns, though. Yeah yeah, someone had to say it
  2. Jesus doesn't scare me, but he is rather irritating. I hate how he has to use metaphors to try and say something. Just say it and be done with it! You don't have to start everything with "So, two guys walk into a bar.." And we got that you were telling the truth the first time! It reminds me of the Ayn Rand quote. It goes something along the lines of "Only a dishonest man has to worry about being trusted."
  3. Eh, I had a bit of a falling out with an online friend after an abortion debate a week ago. We haven't spoken since.
  4. Howdy-ho! Also, as an icebreaker, what's your favorite animal sound?
  5. My best time was 30 seconds. Because that's how long it took to peel the stickers off.
  6. Is that the same as Hake-Saxon? I used those in fifth and sixth grade, and they were great.
  8. Right on Political Economy, and I had been moving left on the social issues. I was big on state's rights, and then I was reconsidering even that position to just keep the government out when I found Ayn Rand.
  9. I've been thinking about putting "Who is John Galt?" posters up around in the city on telephone polls.
  10. I've heard people describe the climax different ways, but never with guilt.
  11. They don't want to fail. They want to be nationalized. If they borrowed money from a bank, and they failed anyway, the bank would come in and restructure. If they borrow money from the government and fail, the government now has an excuse to nationalize them to run them 'more efficiently'. Then they don't have to maintain a profit margin, because the government will be there with a bandaid everytime they fall.
  12. Even though I love Patton, I had to say "Ghengis Khan". That man knew how to build an empire.
  13. Greece. Rome may have been big, but they pretty much stole everything from Greece anyway.
  14. Mehh, I like Tesla better. Although in fairness, he wasn't an industrialist.
  15. China: You have two cows. You shoot one to whip the other one in line.
  16. I read The Fountainhead about three weeks ago, finished Atlas Shrugged last week. That "life changing moment" happened after the Fountainhead, and AS reinforced it.
  17. Michael Crichton. If I pick up one of his books, I cannot put it down.
  18. He also becomes 'sad' after murdering the entire human race in the flood of Noah. That must have been awkward.."Sorry about that guys..Guess I just lost it there for a minute.."
  19. His next course of dinner, you mean.
  20. US Corporation (circa 2008): You have two cows. You loan one cow to a neighbor who can't feed it. The cow starves to death. You ask the government for another cow.
  21. I believe he also raised the income tax level on the wealthiest to 50% overnight.
  22. Yeah, but I don't remember JP being as irritating, although that may be because of my age. Either way, I don't get what he thinks he's doing when he relies on people creating wealth the same way the government does. He's pretty much saying "Stop giving me money."
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