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  1. Originally posted by Zip Yet how can an act be considered great when the means used to achieve that act are principally immoral?
  2. I've been reading Rand for many years, and I thought of two things the other day that did not seem to be consistent with her philosophy. 1) The first inconsistency I thought of was when she wrote her essay on the Apollo mission and how it exemplified some of man's ideals. The essay I thought was brilliant, but she never addressed the fact that it was a NASA program, which was subsidized completely by the government and therefore by taxpayers. I was surprised she did not go into how this is not the proper function of government, and that science should definitely not be funded by the gover
  3. William Henry Vanderbilt "The Public be Damned!" Yes, just for that line. He wasn't one to cower in fear, or talk about the common good, or engage in corporate self-destruction, or so many of these other actions that businesses today should be ashamed of doing to expedite their demise.
  4. We talked in length about this in one of my philosophy classes. I asked the same question of why Socrates would do this. There were many answers, from martyrdom, to taking a stand, etc. However, from actually reading the dialogues, I have to say the reason he went with the law was preservation of the law. He acknowledged that the law could at times give an unjust or improper judgment to a person, but this is to be accepted in a system of laws; there will always be people who are innocent that are sent to prison, or in worse cases sent to death. However, if one person refuses to follow the
  5. Quoted by Jake_Ellison I might be missing something. How is a Muslim or a Christian very much supportive of the American way of life? It just seems that there are supportive of the parts that don't conflict with their religion.
  6. My introduction I just recently stumbled upon the message board and glad that I did. I discovered Rand by reading Anthem in a high school class, and it really resonated with me. My whole life I had heard collectivist things spouted by so many different people, but could not exactly form a principle around why the people were doing it or what the philosophy they were advocating. After reading Anthem, I saw some of the themes she used and connected them to the everyday bromides that I had heard. I really liked that book, so my teacher encouraged me to read more of her works. I picked u
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