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  1. If the internet is any indication, the progressives have already won.

  2. I've been messing with Google+ all evening, and I like it a lot. In comparison, Facebook feels unintuitive, bloated, and out-of-date. Not wanting to keep up with two social networks, I can see myself migrating over there permanently. Now if only everyone would follow me, I'd have no reason to stay here.

  3. TIL: Starbucks has a pro-gun agenda, and allows open carry in their stores that are located in states that allow open carry. Cool!

  4. Some of what has been said in this thread has been surprising, given that the people participating are supposedly rationally minded. Reidy has the right of it, and has explained it well, so not much else needs to be said. Still, I'd like to share my personal experiences, with the hope that someone might better understand how choosing volunteer work can be one of the most incredibly selfish things a person can do. I was born to dysfunctional parents, who divorced when I was 3 years old. My father disappeared, leaving my brother and I to be raised solely by an emotionally unstable mother who
  5. Diablo III purchased. Pre-loading has commenced.

    1. CptnChan


      Oh to be able to play it for the first time again.

  6. This "Societal Impact of Technology" class is all over the place. Last week I was reading articles that were singing the praises of capitalism. This week, the assigned articles read like Karl Marx's journals.

  7. So, today I noticed that pirate boots have come into style. I see women wearing them everywhere. To any venture capitalists: I've got a great idea for a chain of eye patch and pirate hook stores. Get in on this quickly! I'm sure I'm not the only one to realize that these pirate boots are just the beginning of a pirate craze.

  8. If you are ever given the choice between renting a textbook online through CourseSmart and buying the text outright, don't think twice: buy the book. What could have been something very convenient is making me wish I was carrying around a 15 lb. book instead.

  9. This "Societal Impact of Technology" course is turning out to be very interesting. The first reading assignment highlights the importance of free markets to prosperity, and provides historical examples in support of the claim (Europe, China, and the Middle East in the Middle Ages). Good stuff.

  10. Does anyone have any recommendations for tech, engineering, and science websites? I need some new sources of info.

    1. ASUK


      This website is pretty cool for lectures on all sorts of subjects.


  11. To all my friends: WARNING! The PROFILE VIEWS app going around is malicious! Do not use it! WARNING! The PROFILE VIEWS app going around is malicious! Do not use it!

  12. My total profile views are: 4444 Find out your total profile views http://apps.facebook.com/profviewsxcount/

  13. I read Grant Morrison's "Arkham Asylum" last night, and I'm still thinking about it some 16 hours later. His story combined with Dave McKean's art impacted me in a way no comic ever has. It actually made me uncomfortable, and I'm not exactly sure what to think about that.

  14. One day I wanna copy someone's status word for word and see if they notice.

  15. It's a beautiful day here, and the forecast says it will get down into the 20s tonight! Huzzah! I thought Winter would never arrive.

  16. I think the worst of my Batman fever is over. Unfortunately, I'm coming down with a huge case of The Walking Dead-itis.

  17. From http://www.rushbackstage.com/rushbackstage/accessories-etc/rush-hollywood-walk-of-fame-starman-sculpture.html
  18. I've been updating my Facebook page today, and while listing my favorite things in the info section, I noticed there was no Objectivism Online page. If you're interested in getting more exposure for this site (which deserves it, imo) starting up an FB page is one of the best free ways to go about getting it. Setting it up will take probably no more than an hour, then it's only a matter of posting the link here for the member of this site to "Like". I imagine most of us have FB pages and that a lot of us are involved in the Objectivist FB community. The great thing about FB is that when some
  19. I think the worst of my Batman fever is over. Unfortunately, I'm coming down with a huge case of The Walking Dead-itis.

  20. If this is what you mean, then talk of lions and cavemen is useless. You should be able to, without mentioning others species or time periods, provide logical argument for why it is in our best interests to 'cooperatively share'. Anecdote and history is fine for making your arguments more effective, but are not arguments themselves. So far, you've provided nothing more than "we once picked apples off trees for free" and "lions are awesome". This can hardly be considered argument, as you are dropping all context to relate different time periods and different species. So, in all of this, you h
  21. "The reality, again, being we are here to survive as a species and group, not just as individuals. We are a family." What do you mean by this? "We are here to..." implies purpose. This could be written as, "We are meant to..." Who or what means for us to do something? Humans are the only species that can attribute meaning to anything or be aware of the meaning behind something. For example, turning a sound into a word by giving it a definition (the former), or deducing the meaning of a hug between two people who care for each other. So, you see, I'm confused. Are you suggesting that hum
  22. I always love a tale of a washed up loner becoming more virtuous as he comes to find value in life, so I thought the movie was good for that reason alone. That being said, Bridges let me down as Cogburn. Even when he was sober, the gravel in his throat made him unintelligible at times. Also, the Coen bros. stripped down heavily the character of Cogburn, making him a man that was only good at hunting and killing. I prefer John Wayne's Cogburn, a character with a sharp tongue and quick wit. I give it a B+. Definitely worth the $10 ticket.
  23. I'd be happy to sign and even help you proofread your letter, but it's going to take much more than a letter from even a thousand rational members of an online community to affect change. The EPA has been granted such powers for the expressed purposes of circumventing the legislative process. For the president, and the former Democrat Congress, AGW is a fact of reality, and is so pressing an issue that they are completely backing a "whether they like it or not" approach to dealing with it. I recommend letters to our representatives at the state and federal levels. They are the ones that mus
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