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  1. From the article... "He also pointed to the recent decline in the value of gold - which sank to $1,321.35 per ounce on April 16, its lowest price in more than two years - noting that 'anybody who thinks gold or silver is a really safe place to put your money had better think again.'" I'm unsure if Senator Steve Farley recognizes that the US Dollar has about 1/20th of its value from the formation of the Federal Reserve. Or that gas and diesel prices have certainly risen quite a bit over the course of his lifetime. My point being that storing value in the US Dollar, I don't know if it is necessarily wise. Should Farley "think again"?
  2. What rights of the economy are you establishing above individual rights? Accumulated money would be money owned as property of an individual. "Must come out"" Under who's claim upon another?
  3. Your use of Galt's Gulch places the context in a specific place. It is private property. Thus, sure, there is an authority: the owner. One's opportunities on private property are subject to what the owner desires. So, in this context, one does not have the right of speech, association, and so on. Similarly, you cannot go to Walgreens and claim your rights. It's not your property.
  4. Strange argument, but, sure, they are using force. Why does that person advocate using violence/force for this political purpose?
  5. So many answers that I have a tendency to agree with. Doesn't it come down to the individual though? I don't recognize where he has any belief in the individual as the righteous and moral reality of human existence. Appears as though his whole rationality is for collectivism, groups, social justice. He's a true mystic. Pragmatist? Sure.
  6. LOL! The rational, or irrational, individual behind the pedal and the wheel?
  7. SD26


    I believe it was covered in number one as Embryos and fetuses have no rights. Abortion, if practiced seeking a rational goal, is justified.
  8. More freedoms? Like taking more money from some that make more? Or do you have any objective standards?
  9. Why don't you start at home with your objective, rational ideas? Don't expect someone else to provide leadership in something you already recognize.
  10. Loose public support? They take money under the threat of seizure of property, money, etc. It's about power. Power over individuals.
  11. Why do they need to be convinced? Maybe they already are convinced of their own position?
  12. Agreed. Coming from a motorcycle background, a lot of the industry irritates me as it doesn't deal well with providing data. "It's new!" is often accepted as a reason to have it...before someone else does.
  13. One has to rationally decide what to pursue and explore. Regardless, one owns one's life. If the fruit of your productive work is enjoyed in the hobby, that's something that the individual has to decide whether to do or not. Having spent a long time away from home doing a hobby that became a partial career, I wouldn't have traded it for what some of the other people that I grew up with did during the same time. But it is a personal decision.
  14. Yes, MSF courses are good. I stay away from teaching new people how to ride. As for that bike...LOL! Brakes are enough, but the weigh distribution is a mess. S, no, it probably wouldn't stop well at all. Gonna drag on the ground hard when someone tries to turn too. As for how fast? What's the power output? Doesn't look like a newer engine as it doesn't have stick coils. There are lighter and very powerful motorcycle engines out there. I still like the execution of the look.
  15. Are you sure of that? One can make anything for personal use. Just because one "runs to the patent office first" a moral government would still check for other items in the market place that were similar. Additionally, there is reason to have an objective system to hear arguments for who may have produced a particular product first. As a government becomes less focused upon rights of individual men, the collective begins to determine who the winners will be based upon subjective judgements rather than upon objective judgements based upon actual context.
  16. SD26

    Marilyn Manson

    Well, crossed S's from the National Socialist party's SS formed their swastika. Trying to say the US dollar or the USA is socialist? The flag picture looks like the backdrop for the opening of the movie Patton. I can only speculate. One would have to have an answer from the artist to know about the images.
  17. Interesting. Since grade school, I've studied WWII, and Yamamoto's "comment" is a common attribute.
  18. I found this quote. Japanese Admiral Yamamoto, 1941 "You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass." Yamamoto also recognized that if they were going to go to war with the US, it needed to be hit and crushed in around six months before the American industrial complex got moving and the people got behind it. By June of 1942, the US Navy struck a big blow on the Japanese in the Battle of Midway.
  19. Define efficient? "Now" might be more important for some defense purposes, thus a plane might be more efficient in that case. Having been in a convoy, rail might be more efficient than driving.
  20. If another will provide a paid service of abortion, does a woman have the right to purchase an abortion?
  21. So, following your logic, since some countries have used orphans and the handicapped for medical research, you say it should be done here in the name of research also? Why not harvest organs and limbs from those individuals too for those that need it?
  22. Kira, sounds like a very interesting book. Has it been released as of yet? Didn't find any links on your website.
  23. So, you are stating that they are emotionally driven only?
  24. Define "much of"? Where does government leverage its source of funding by force? Do you believe that government has the exclusive opportunity and knowledge to do such things?
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