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  1. Did you read the part where I said I have a seriously debilitating, possibly life-threatening physical illness which severely limits my choice of action and has made it almost impossible to find suitable work? And did it not occur to you that living with my parents is not my preferred arrangement, but one that has been forced on me by circumstances beyond my control? Or are you satisfied with rotten distortions like the implication that I'm just too stupid and lazy to move out of my mom's basement?
  2. I'm not going to post my family details here because they are grotesque and don't belong on a forum which represents a philosophy dedicated to human happiness. All I'm going to say is that you have utterly no idea what the hell you're talking about. Are you even an Objectivist?
  3. I made a thread a year ago in which I discussed a serious, debilitating health problem which limits my choice of action and my ability to work: http://forum.ObjectivismOnline.com/index.p...c=16398&hl= I have a choice to make: I can either pursue a career as a medical billing/coding specialist, which will allow me to be financially independent, but which holds utterly no value whatsoever to me, or I can accept financial support from my parents, whom I despise, to attend college for 2-3 years to pursue a career that I would value highly and which would give my life meaning and purpose
  4. someone like that is either too intellectually dishonest or too stupid to deal with if its any consolation, a degree of stupidity that great is likely to pervade every area of his life
  5. He is the worst possible advocate for freedom. Sometimes I wonder if FOX didn't put him on just to sabotage the movement.
  6. I'm not talking about online degree mills like University of Pheonix, Kaplan, etc., but actual state universities that offer distance learning programs. One of the major universities in my state offers an accounting degree that can be completed entirely online and make one eligible to sit for the CPA exam. I have always thought that online school cheapens the already tremendously cheapened value of a college degree, and personally don't think very highly of distance learning programs. But if I am nailed down to a job and the degree could potentially lead to a better one, it would be better tha
  7. Can any form of verbal or psychological abuse, such as an extremely offensive oral statement, ever justify physical retaliation?
  8. What's wrong with conspiracy theories? Do consipiracies only occur in movies?
  9. I've been fascinated with Greenspan recently and have been trying to come up with an explanation for his actions as the Fed chairman. One interesting train of thought is that he never really departed from Objectivism, and that he intentionally accelerated the destruction of the mixed economy with the goal of destroying altruism. Is this a possible explanation for the course Greenspan took in life, or do you think it's silly?
  10. ...as opposed to a collaborative effort by an engineering team? Obviously it could have been either, but they instantly knew that one man had created it. Why? Is it that, since the motor hadn't been brought to the market, they assumed that the company hadn't recognized its value?
  11. I'm looking at a textbook used for training medical billing specialists at a vocational school. It says "In the early 1900s, most americans continued to pay for theier own health care expenses, which usually meant either charity care or no care." Is this true or is it just another example of leftist propoganda in education?
  12. If my father threatened to kill me for religious reasons, and I believed he was serious, but had no way to prove the fact, and I thought I could get away with it, I would be strongly tempted to kill him first. I think the threat of violence is a crime almost on par with the act of violence itself.
  13. If one could be certain that the accusations are true, that is.
  14. When I say that nothing that has to be provided by (taken from) someone else can be a right, my adversary often points out that law enforcement and the judicial system must be paid for by others if the protection of one's rights is a right in itself. How do I answer this?
  15. Do any of you have a problem with Schiff running as a Republican? Or the fact that he was Ron Paul's economic advisor?
  16. If I could potentially cure my arthritis at the risk of dying, even with unfavorable odds, I wouldn't hesitate. I would trade arthritis for brain cancer with a 25% chance of survival. Better to have a disease that could kill me than a disease that makes me want to die. Because even though I continue to exist in this condition, it prevents me from living the kind of life that I ought to live, and will eventually compel me to commit suicide at this rate.
  17. Dawkins has said he's only six degress of atheist on a scale of 10. Great.
  18. Drug dealers cater to men's vices. It is a decidedly unimpressive way to make money because anyone who is willing to sqander his life can do it. I don't admire liquor store owners either.
  19. We all make mistakes. I gave $600 to Ron Paul the same year, and really wish I could have it back now.
  20. You have to be very aggressive. Never defend, just attack. Just keep swinging and telling him exactly why his statements are retarded without yourself ever going on the defensive.
  21. He just got my attention today because he's apparently coming out with a new film called "Capitalism: A Love Story" which supposedly documents how the unfettered free market destroyed America. The guy is just such a foaming at the mouth idiot, nobody in entertainment is so irritating.
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