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  1. Here's the passage: "Rand wrote the story [Anthem] to illustrate a philosophy she had come to, one that emphasized reason, individualism, and enlightened self-interest. Later she named it objectivism; today she would be called a libertarian."
  2. I realize that. But given the intensity of Rand's desire not to be associated with libertarianism , it seems at least mildly sinister that Greenspan would even risk creating the appearance that the term is synonymous with Objectivism. Would any of you be inclined to write something like that?
  3. In his book, while dicussing his relationship with Ayn Rand, he writes that "today, she would be called a libertarian." Knowing full well Rand's views on libertarianism, I'm slightly horrified to see the he would commit such an egregious error and knowingly misrepresent someone whom he supposedly respects. Any guesses on why he would do that?
  4. Spend any amount of time around monkeys are you will rapidly figure out they they are utterly insane wild animals with nothing even approaching a sense of morality, would steal the balls out of your scrotum if they knew how. Most humans don't even have a sense of morality, let alone fucking monkeys.
  5. How are Objectivists treated in the academic arenta? I know nothing about academic philosophy, but I would infer that Objectivists might have a hard time getting along with others in the feild, or even face persecution from their peers. Thoughts?
  6. Grames is correct. There are two positions in nature: dominance and submission. Timid, weak, submissive males get NO respect in life. The child needs to fight back even if he loses.
  7. Is it wrong that I hate liberals more than conservatives?
  8. Well, I said "in general." Infectious diseases being a major exception. There has never been a cure for any major chronic illness that I am aware of, apart from a some kinds of cancers.
  9. They're about as close to a cure as Obama is to laissez-faire capitalism. In general, medicine does't cure diseases, it manages/palliates them. The government-abusing pharmaceutical cartel has suppressed the emergence of bioengineering and regenerative medicine.
  10. I'm not sure there is such a thing as HGH-related arthritis? Mine is degenerative arthritis, aka osteoarthritis, except I have it throughout my entire body.
  11. Wanted to be either a doctor or an exercise physiologist. There are other careers that I would also like, but they all require me to go back to school, which is not realistic. The joints in my hands are deteriorating and it will eventually becom impossible for me to write or type.
  12. I’m 26 years old and afflicted with a freak case of arthritis which has almost totally destroyed my life. As of now, the disease is still in its relatively early stages, and is not yet terribly painful or debilitating, but it is steadily worsening and the prognosis is grim. I expect a steep decline into morbidity from here; my condition will continue deteriorating and I will eventually become severely disabled and live in permanent, intractable pain. I’m facing a level of functional impairment that will eventually make it impossible to have anything resembling a normal life and may very well m
  13. I could never date a liberal. I'd smack her in the face. Seriously.
  14. I usually just start insulting my opponent. No point in even trying to communicte with most people.
  15. The medical community is afflicted with a long list of extremely serious ideological problems which have cumulatively caused the quality of healthcare to deteriorate to the degree that doctors are now one of the leading causes of death in the U.S., with several hundred thousand people dying every year as a result of medical treatment. Doctors are handing drugs out like candy to pallate the symptoms of abusive lifestyle patterns while giving lip service to the paramount importance of diet and exercise, and most of them are just as fat and unhealthy as their patients anyway. Drug companies are l
  16. I was utterly irrational during the first 23 years of my life. Had an intellectual revolution at 24, inferred a large amount of Objectivism on my own, and when I discovered Rand's stuff at 25, I immediately realized it was true.
  17. Democratic senator Mike Gravel joined the Libertarian party in 2008, and placed fourth in their shitty presidential convention despite having strong socialist leanings. What does that tell you about them? However, I do like most of the Ron Paul crowd, if you consider them libertarians.
  18. We do not have high quality medical care in the U.S. We may have better medical care than other countries, but that is a relative statement - our health care is still quite poor by objective standards. The drug companies have used the government to distort medical knowledge and create an intellectual environemt which is favorable to their interests and which suppresses competing products and treatment philosophies. Things are so fucked up that it's not even safe to go to the doctor anymore.
  19. If you think irrationalism is rampant in the business world you're going to be shocked at what you find in medicine. The vast majority of medical students and doctors are utterly incapable of allowing themselves to even consider the possibility that something they were taught in medical school could be wrong, that something published in the Journal of the American Medical Association could me wrong, or that FDA research could be tainted by conflicts of interest. Most of them would be utterly paralyzed by self-doubt if they even had the capacity to question the structure of authority that exist
  20. Update: the guy found out that we found out (one of his friends called his mom and told her). He proceeded to get hysterical and destroyed the evidence. Nothing to report now unfortunately.
  21. I have occasionally been accused of arrogance for making true statements that others disagreed with or simply considered me unqualified to make. In each case the person's grievance was that I took a hard line on some issue that ran upstream against conventional views, or dismissed the opinion of someone who was supposed to be an expert on a particular subject, did not accept his education or other credentials as proof of his correctness. If that makes me arrogant, then arrogance is a good thing. But what I consider true arrogance is when someone assumes his own authority for the wrong reasons,
  22. In my state, it's legal to have sex with a 16 year old girl, but if you watch a video of her having sex, then it's child pornography and you're a sexual predator?
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