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  1. Yes, I know that isn't what Objectivism is. If you read my overly long rant, you would have known that. I had already stated that I most likely do not belong on this site at all. Maybe I'm just a voyeur? Ayn Rand this, and Ayn Rand that....maybe some day you will see that she has become your form or worship. You sound like a robot. What is the reason? How would I describe Objectivism? Well, at this point, I would describe it as not worth my time. I'd rather be "me" and think what I want regardless of what you consider "rational" than be a walking computer. Whatever. Bet I'm a whole lo
  2. Spinoza's concept was that everything that exists is of one essence. He call's it God, but you may substitute Nature, and it would read the same. It exists of necessity. It's own necessity. It is all that exists, we are but extensions and modes of "it". I never had that first stage of feeling toleration and thinking one's own religion was best, but others had good points too, as you've said. I've always questioned things, even as a child. To tell you the truth, I have more trouble with the morally grey attitude of people today than with anything else. It might very well be due to the fact
  3. You are right! I got totally off the track. Saw the word "God" and stated my views on "it". Not only is this a Debate Forum (which I did not notice - shows you how my mind works---or doesn't!) but what I said really doesn't have anything to do with Objectivism at all. I don't think I am an Objectivist. Perhaps I should look for a philosophy forum. I can certainly understand the "one substance" idea that Eneiladam is talking about. That is what I meant. Yes, I know we can just call it Energy, or what have you, and Why call it God, etc. I choose to call it God. There are just too many things tha
  4. I have studied Buddhism extensively over the last few years. What you call "Buddhism" today has degenerated into a bunch of "know it all, let's shave our heads and spout wisdom" garbage. You must understand where Buddhism came from, and that there isn't even an "ism" in this whole thing. Hinduism is the name given to the religion by the British, I believe. The Buddha was a "Hundu" if you can call him that. They followed dharma, or the law. I can't go on too much about this because it's so circular, like their philosophy. Yes, there is suffering in life, we all know that. Why make a religion ou
  5. Maybe it is hogwash. I honestly don't know. My crime is being "ignorant" I suppose. Please see my reply to Tonix777. I got the feeling he thinks I'm some overly sensitive person with an inferiority complex. (Maybe!) By the by, I thought I was kicked off here? Nice to see I can still state my opinions. Glad to see you have a sense of humor also. I probably was being overly sensitive to your comments. I guess I felt I was being attacked. I am for the most part short on logic. Terrible in math, etc. My mind tends to work more on the artistic side I guess, and I wonder if I even belong on here
  6. No, I do not have an inferiority complex. I just think that perhaps highly intelligent people have very little tolerance for people that don't quite "measure up" in their opinion and can perhaps be a bit short, or sarcastic or what have you. I tend to be that way myself when people annoy me with their stupidity. Of course one can always improve oneself and evolve. I also, am not the same person I was five years ago, or even last year, etc. I can never understand how people can say "You have changed" and mean it in a bad, accusitory way, like you are supposed to remain some kind of emotional re
  7. Oh, what's the use! I may as well go and join one of those wimpy Buddhist sites. NO, wait, I got kicked off there. I guess I'll just think what I want (yes, regardless of what the brilliant think of me!) Really! Water into wine? Parting the Red Sea? You must think I'm even more stupid than I am being made to feel on here! I understand all about those "fuzzy" thinkers. What I'm trying to say is if you don't explain things to people about your objective beliefs, or if you don't even bother to listen without jumping down someone's throat (Oh God! I must PROVE my point or be banned or I'm just an
  8. Well, golllly! x'cuse me for bein' me ignorant self! Seems like I picked the wrong forum. Truly, I have no "answer" for you for what I base this on, other than I read where energy can be neither created or destroyed. Hence, the one substance "energy" or what have you is the only thing that exists, and we are just part of the "all in all" so to speak. Extensions, if you will I guess I am not sufficiently intelligent to be on this web site and will have to exile myself from the rest of the brainboxes on here. If you want to educate people as to what Objectivism is all about, and I think Ay
  9. Hi, I'm new here. What about the god of Spinoza? Opinions please. Seems like everyone is getting rather heated up over this thing that people call god. It's all very interesting. My opinion is that god is energy. We die, it goes on. There is only one substance.
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