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  1. I have a 2 questions from "For the new intellectual": Is Immanuel Kant a witch doctor? What exactly qualifies someone to be a witch doctor?
  2. Anyone knows where a site with aristotle in ancient greek?
  3. OH, come one, every one knows cookers make cookies and bakers make bread
  4. I need to know the format of several essay types: scientific essay and a "formal critique"(whatever that is). I thought this would be the best place to put it (since it is an essay!), any help is greatly appreciated!
  5. What scores did you guys get? I got 0,-2.3
  6. People wrote music all different ways, there was a composer who wrote an entire symphony based on the mountain ranges around him, Mozart rolled dice, and another fellow used I-ching coins. Writing music isn't too hard, for the counterpoint and harmony, but the melody is the hardest part which you will need. And try not to listen to music as your composing. Start small with some simple waltzes, canons, then when that is mastered move onto minuets, vienese waltzes, and sonatas. Then from there concertoes, and quartets. Once you have mastered these try your hand at a couple symphonies, first for string orchestra then for a full orchestra. You have to master each one before you can move on. And try to get either a piano, keyboard, or a softwere program (sibelius preferably). I once learned the music theory
  7. Where can I find this book?!? Online text is prefered! Thank you so much!
  8. This art, what was it called again...?
  9. What type of art does rand use on the covers of her books? What is it called... impresionism?
  10. They just changed boards, so now there are less of them
  11. from http://peikoff.com/ Did I miss something?
  12. Ask if God could create a rock so large that not even He himself could lift it. If they say yes, then He couldn't have created a rock He couldn't have lifted, therefore not Allmighty. If yes, the He is not powerful enough to lift said rock, therefore not all mighty.
  13. I would ban those who rave and rant without proof, irrelevant to political beliefs/agenda.
  14. Don Quixote is perhaps the best novel ever written (imho) One may argue "Atlas Shrugged" was better or "The Fountainhead", but everyone has to admit that this really started the trend of novels.
  15. 1984 is one of my favorite books. It has so many excellent points against stalinism.
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