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  1. Pretty well said. And yes, outside of the forums domain we don't have a beef. It is a place for other Christians to come and nail out differences and share. But with the internet being so open, many don't seem to understand the idea of a private domain because the majority of the internet is so wide open. Now to clarify our perception of what transpired, there are times when non believers do some pretty intensive trolling on our board. Most of them are obnoxious but one or two have actually been criminal in the "stalking" sense of the word, where I had to get directly involved with another PD to attempt to nail their hides. In this case it was a young female member who had a perv chase her all over the internet. When the heat got on him, he disappeared. Knowing that you may be able to understand somewhat why we guard Bible Forums so well. I really appreciate your understanding in this.
  2. It's really not a fear my friend. Bible Forums is there for Christians to fellowship and discuss with other Christians. It's not there for our beliefs to be debated by the athiest or agnostic. That isn't it's intention at all. To us it is a haven of sorts. Not much different really than this board in all actuality.
  3. No Maximus, it was my hope to stop the nonsense of trolling Bible Forums and to protect one of it's members.
  4. Maximus, unsolicited advice. If they were wanting the advice I'm sure they would have asked for it. Look, I have said I'm not here to cause trouble but you might want to curtail what you are doing before you wind up in a mess. This can possibly constitute cyber stalking and as a duly sworn police officer, if I have the means and opportunity, I should warn you all of this.
  5. Hi, I'm Chaplain Davis, one of the members of Bible Forums. I'm afraid we may have a mutual problem with members stalking members on Bible Forums. Is there any place that we can discuss this?
  6. Hello everybody. I'm planning to talk to the board owner about this stalking folks. I'm not here to cause trouble but I thought you may like to know that if Bex wanted to, you could be charged with stalking. Is it worth that? Now, if any of you that registered on Bible Forums would like to discuss this, start a thread in one of the only places you can on the board if your privileges have been suspended in the Chat to the Moderators section. Thanks, The Parson
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