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  1. Gory pictures. http://www.koolpages.com/sout19/index.htm
  2. I read most the Sherlock Holmes' stories, never saw any of the movies/series though.
  3. Yea, I earlier posted on the News forum on how Iran and North Korea pose an even bigger threat than Iraq considering they have confirmed (not a faulty CIA reporting this time) reports on the nuclear efforts of both countries.
  4. Up until now, I didnt know that practice even had a name to go with it. My straight-edgedness basically stems from wanting a strong moral attitude towards life. Drinking has its consequences and I always seem to have disdain for people to drink to get drunk and afterwards boast about getting drunk, thats the brink of ridiculuity. Promicuity is the order of the day in most parts of the world today, and I beg to differ, I still belong to the old school ... that 'until married' type. With all these diseases, better safe than sorry. Drugs? Please. Its the caffeine part that cramps my style. I basi
  5. Seconded. Terms such as 'Objectivist' remain relative for reasons we all all.
  6. "Compromise" didnt happen at the Abu Graib prisons. America's fair share of a raw deal if you like, and thats the way its looking.
  7. I saw a poll somewhere on whether it will be a successful flight or not.
  8. Funny enough, the eating habits of most smokers mean restaurant owners who outrightly ban smoking will be losing a lot of their customers, as well as potential customers.
  9. We all agree that the war on terrorism is a good thing. However, the wrong people are currently bearing the brunt of the 9/11 atrocious acts. America can't war with the Iran, or North Korea who have just about the same, or even less potential for a terrorist act as Saddam and Iraq. Americans have had enough with the Iraqi war.
  10. I fail to concur how Mr. Bush's opposition (the democrats I assume you mean) could be anymore leftist than Mr. Bush has been.
  11. At least the Saudi Police acted fast. Now, considering the amount of fanatism and wish for matyrdom, the death of al-Muqrin (the former ringleader of the al-qaeda) will in no way serve as a deterrent to the renagading saudis. While the American government can force its citizens out of Saudi, it is its responsibility to warn of imminent dangers faced by Americans who still choose to reside in Saudi Arabia.
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