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About Me

well, information about me then... well alright, I am an 19 year old from Minnesota, I have lived here for nearly all my life, minus three years in Texas when I was in my younger grade school ages (k-2nd grade). I have always been curious about the world around me and have been a stand-up model for being fickle in personal views. I went from a republican to a democrat to an objectivist within 5 years, as well as a catholic to a non-denominational christian and finally to an atheist. While I have changed alot over my lifetime, I do not actually attribute it to actual fickleness, but rather to the amount of facts presented to me at the time.

physically, I am 6'5", nearing on 300lbs, with a sandy light colored brown hair(which I shave now on a weekly basis) and hazel eyes. For hobbies I play the electric bass, watch movies (mainly animated ones), do Animation Homework, and study philosophy (go figure on that one)

Occupationally, I will be a 3D animator and hopefully work for Dreamworks someday.

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