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    Hi, I'm very new to this thing and i hope to learn from this experience!!
  1. alright. Let's put it this way, my old social studies teacher said, "a bad government is better than no government" I believe it may be true. But, depends. If he said bad meaning evil, i would say, nay! an evil government would hardly be well. They would be like america and in very good order striking chaos everywhere. If he meant, a bad meaning worse than average, i say, yes. It's better. without a government, the people would be free to do what they want, when they want. This would mean horrible chaos. Everyone wouldn't own a store, no one would have a job, thing would be around everywhere,
  2. it's easy. Most everyone likes gold because well, not really for many reasons except for it's prettiness or something like that. So, if you have trouble, don't think for a really really really long time! So, what i feel is, that it fascinates people and well, it's rare, shiny and impossible to make. For example, many others have this and that and you can find it or smelt if using others. But, for gold, chemists have tried for years and still haven't found a way to make gold. Also, if just a few pirates or people kept wanting gold, then demand might go up. Maybe once upon a time, gold was
  3. if you want her to stop, and not lose your job or something, you would have to keep talking or talk to your boss's proffesor or teacher in discretion. You cannot afford to lose your job. Also, technically, she's giving you work and money and you're giving her credit for your work?
  4. luckyboys


    Do you know what, during my times discussing different books, topics and everything, this may actually be a little easy. I do realize how serious this problem is. What you have to do is, poke holes into her theory. Let's see, if he belief forces her not to get the only cure, what you would have to do is, ask her, what the problem is, record it down, WORD FOR WORD on a piece of paper and just read it over and over again until you find some problems. If her belief means she's going to die, you have to stop her. No matter what, you will get her to get the blood. If it does become necessary, you w
  5. luckyboys


    I say, you better stop talking about these things. Being honest is just what you choose to be. Like in a group. If there are two groups you can say, OK being honest and going into this group is what my moral says I should do. But, I gain more if I go to the other group. Well, then, you'll just choose. If you lie, it may or may not act back on you or the person you lied to. If you lied and they found out, it's over for you. If you lied and the other person didn't find out, it's just basically alright almost because even though you lied, it may never happen. When I read this back to me, I just h
  6. Yup, drinking is bad and good for you. What I've decided is, if you drink, don't get drunks and don't drink like whisky and those hard liquors. I say if you do it to relax, drink a beer instead of wine or a shot of something. Also, I have nothing against drinking, You just might want a mint or something and not get drunk or woozy.
  7. anime seams just like any other cartoon. They're just japanese and they seem to have more intense graphics HOwever, i like naruto sometimes and i believe it's not that bad. However, the comics are just horrible. the other anime comics are just pointless violence expressed so much in the comic books that I myself am just bored now. I would not recommend buying a whole stack of bleach comics for a flight from california to texas. It would just suck. You would be bored the whole time and you wouldn't be able to concentrate.. Also, the overall things that happen in the comic book are just rep
  8. These are all very hard questions and I can see how people would think that the greek civilization was the greatest. However, I do not think this way. There can probably be no answer to this large question. Greeks were great thinkers, but they were not great builders. Romans were great builders but weren't great thinkers. There are just countless ideas. However, when you say ancient, you may want to think about ancient from now! The greeks were great compared to what they could've thought about 5000 years ago!! Americans would be great if you wanted to think back from 5000 years later. Bo
  9. I must say, i've seen both sides of this but in the end, it comes down to a few factors. the mongols had a very large army and Genghis Khan was a fierce war leader He had already first accumulated many of the nomadic tribe in his home region. Later, he was hired to protect part of the great Wall. When he decided to turn his thoughts upon china, the chinese trusted him. Also, in the end, the great wall is not really a great wall. It would not have been very hard for Genghis Khan to scale over the walls and attack the capitol. the Capitol didn't have the majority of China's troops at the
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