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  1. Hello, I've forgotten how to put the fancy quote box around other peoples stuff, could someone remind me? Thanks. "As I understand the project it aims to "lower the barriers to entry" by inventing things that have already been invented, except that it will make its designs free. Is that the key aim?" -Sort of- we are re-inventing them to improve the designs so they are cheaper, easier to make, easier to maintain, will last a lifetime and are modular. "So, for instance, it might come up with the design for a Compressed Earth Brick Press and then other people can go make such a press and use it without paying royalties. The open-source project itself does not intend to make stuff for people, but only make designs and prototypes. Is that correct?" -Another sort-of. We came to realize that funding by donation is incredibly impractical, so we've begun to manufacture and sell some of our designs to fund the project. The money is not the goal though, the prototypes are. When I went out there, I made 4 brick presses, 2 of which we sold. The goal in earnings for next year is 250k. "The assumption seems to be that the cost of design is an important cost. Is this true? If so, this is the part that I don't understand." -Not sure what you're asking. Yes it is an important cost. Most of it has been volunteers, but for some of the harder prototypes like the steam engine, wind turbine, and aluminum extraction from clay, we'll probably need to pay experts. " Added: For instance, take the brick-maker. I assume that someone has checked that such a device can actually add value to people's lives. Taking that as assumed, there are two objectives one may pursue:•A brickmaker that is far better than what's available today (in terms of quality, cost, etc.); or,•A brickmaker that is a similar ballpark as today's machines, but is open-source Of course the project would like to achieve both objectives, but which one is primary? Is the open-source nature of any real significance to the outcomes? Would the project pursue a machine that is just slightly better, but open-source?" -I would say its the former, and all of the prototypes so far have been superior to other models, especially in terms of cost. The ease of maintenence is a big one too, our machines are far easier to fix than other ones because that was a key design feature. However, the fact that its open source is key to the project. But,its not like we accept just anybodys designs or anyones help. The founder is pretty selective about who works on what project because we don't want the quality affected by the masses. The end goal of this is to have the set of all 50 machines and start a small society with them to prove it can be done. A "Galts gulch" if you will.
  2. Actually, I think the best intro to the project is the TED talk by the founder:
  3. I'm glad youve posted a link because I've been wanting to go on some of the objectivist forums to talk about OSE. I am actually a part of it (http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/Brianna_Kufa). I had honestly not thought there could be an alternative method to "the john galt" method of fixing things, and now I'm convinced that this method could be even better. Not only does this encourage people to stop supporting our current system, but it gives them a toolset to do so with. I've recently decided to drop out of school to do everything I can to see it succeed. At first I was skeptical, but after living at the farm for 6 weeks, I'm sure the goals of the project are the essential goals of John Galt. Many of the people that came in and out as volunteers were also big AS fans. It is partially a business, and a big part of the project is encouraging business start ups. Anyone can take the designs and sell them, but its not necessarily authorized by OSE. In fact, I'll be manufacturing brick presses starting next spring. We plan on getting a lot of funding by selling the product and have already netted over 25k in selling them. Bri
  4. Skydiving beats boxing any day!
  5. "Love you madly" by cake. Describes my feelings when I'm single, and when I'm taken. Great, great song. Once I listened to it 26 times in a row according to my mp3 player.
  6. PHINEAS AND FERB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot emphasize how much I love this show! Its a cartoon on disney about two extremely creative step-brothers who build crazy and over the top inventions. Anyone else share my love?
  7. I thought he was going to be assassinated within the first week. Then again, I didn't think there was any chance of him getting elected. I saw all the animosity towards him in my hometown and thought there was more out there. Now it seems more like everyone around here thinks america will see his flaws and not elect him next time. I've heard from more than a few people that if he tries too many more stunts, people will start to rebel. Or even if he gets reelected. Well, I'd be in the battlefield...
  8. 17, But I'm finally gonna be 18 next month, and I'm going skydiving and getting a tatoo!
  9. brikufa

    Your Art!

    From what I've seen on here, it seems like a lot of Objectivists are artists of some sort. I'm really interested in seeing everyones work, and also pretty interested in showing off mine. So here goes. I've never been sure whether to call myself an artist or a craftsman, but theres definately art in what I do. I fabricate things from aluminum. Mostly functional things like bookshelves, lamps, and picture frames, although I have done a couple of sunsets which I unfortunately didn't photograph. I'm working on setting up a website so I can sell my work world wide. So heres a sample of my greatest and latest work. I hope you enjoy. Feedback is very welcome.
  10. Well, I am usually incredibly busy but am currently on winter break so I've been reading probably about 3 hours per week. Usually I just read for fun at stoplights when I'm driving, which amounts to probably an hour a week. I'm currently trying to improve my spanish by reading the spanish version of Dan Browns "Deception point."
  11. Allo! I used to be on this forum as kufa, but I hadn't gone on in a while and don't have that email anymore so I had to change it. I got really militant and obsessive and for a while I was not very happy. I was very concieted and arrogant and therefore felt like I was superior to everyone else and that I had nothing to gain from my peers. I got a wake up call when I got fired from my job at a pharmacy and realized what false confidence and superiority I had, and that productivity and making money weren't necessarily the way to happiness. I started hanging out with people instead of working all the time and realized that what makes me happy was having relationships with people. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I wish I spent more of my adolescence going on adventures and trying new things instead of having my head in books all the time and working ridiculous hours.
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