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  1. http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/gay-marriage-new-jersey-civil-rights-leader-138313104.html "Christie wants gay marriage put to a popular vote. The governor has vowed to veto the marriage bill making its way through the Legislature." Progress? Christie is no hero.
  2. "The fact that this nuclear plant was able to withstand this kind of blow and effectively keep the situation from turning into another nuclear disaster should be a ringing endorsement of the efficacy and safety of nuclear power, not a reason to abandon this technology that has so much value to offer us." While I appreciate the defense, it's too early to be ringing any bells... In this corner: JAPAN NUCLEAR DANGER IS NO CHERNOBYL And in this corner: Japan Atomic Crisis Reaches Chernobyl Level as Radiation Climbs And then there's Maude: Low levels of radiation in Pennsylvania r
  3. Superhero Babylon presents: The Silent Age. The Silent Age is a companion piece to A Show Of Hands: A Cautionary Tale of Heroes in Exile. Whereas A Show of Hands was a future-take on the cynicism towards heroism via the Marvel Universe, The Silent Age is a retro parody of the over-reliance and "god-like" worship of DC's "strange visitor from another planet." The basis for this story has been in my head for at least ten years now, inspired by my initial encounter with Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, which got me thinking: "what if Superman went on strike?" (A theme that also inspired, but with d
  4. Jonathan: "I know of no Objectivist who has addressed their actual views on what abstract art is, and how it works." For what it's worth, here's my "objectivish" view on abstract art via and how it connects to music. It's not my original theory (it's a mix of discussions between Rand and John Hospers, plus the abstract/realist pyramid theory as demonstrated by Scott McCloud in Understanding Comics), but I'm sympathetic towards it. From Objectivish: "A Musical Tug Of War" This post is a companion piece to my last post on abstraction and concretes in Rand's theory of music. I've discu
  5. A head's up: There's a new smear going 'round today, that Ayn Rand is a hypocrite because she accepted government funds for her cancer under the assumed name "Ann O'Conner," and that the tea party should dump her. Nasty stuff.
  6. The last (planned) installment of my Rand-Rush Connection series: my review of Rush, Rock Music and the Middle Class: Dreaming in Middletown by Chris McDonald. Synopsis of the review: The thesis of McDonald's book is not about Rush and Rand per se, so this will not be a comprehensive book review; there are other topics discussed, such as musical analysis, that I found interesting, that are simply beyond the scope of this post. Rather, this will just serve to introduce the book into the discussion started by "Rand, Rush and Rock”. There is significant space dedicated to the topic, in the
  7. A couple more entries in The Rand-Rush Connection series, concerning the album Hold Your Fire: "Hold Your Fire", which discusses Neil Peart's drifting from reason in favor of "instinct," and "No, Neil, Hold YOUR Fire", a rebuttal of the accusations made by Peart towards Objectivism and Ayn Rand. Lyrics from Hold Your Fire is often quoted by Objectivists for its optimistic, seemingly individualistic approach. Those Objectivists may be surprised at the full context...
  8. Ok, so yesterday, I published at my blog on Rush and the New Music Express's 1978 hatchet job (which labeled Rush and Rand as fascists), and today the Classic Albums series released their 2112/Moving Pictures edition. I knew about that...what I wasn't expecting was how much time they would spend on...the NME hatchet job and the Randian influence. This was during discussion of making the track "2112," plus extra bits in the bonus features. Even more unexpected was the appearance of the ARI's John Ridpath (What? He's Canadian, too...) to summarize the history of Anthem. There was even Neil's rev
  9. I've started a series of posts at my personal blog, Objectivish, dealing with the Rand-Rush connection that I thought some here might find of interest. Three, so far: The first one discusses my first exposure to Rand, via the Rush edition of Rock'N'Roll Comics. The second deals with the "ominous parallels" of the smears of fascism against both Rand and Rush, by Whittaker Chambers and Barry Miles of the New Music Express. The latest discusses the recently release (9/28) of the Classic Albums series edition of 2112/Moving Pictures, which discusses the Randian influence (and included a
  10. You might like to take a look at my blog, superherobabylon.blogspot.com, particularly the essay "The Epic Song of Superman in Five Parts," "The Answer to Chaos is Not the Dark Knight," and "The Dark Knight: The Anarchist is King.". Good luck with your thesis.
  11. spaceplayer

    My Way

    For the uplifting version, watch Laverne and Shirley.
  12. Well then, if it was mistranslated, Allen better speak up and say so...and FAST.
  13. Heh, the impression I got was of Walt Disney...the sixties-era film, the "World of Tomorrow..." The mustache...
  14. That said, after seeing the movie...well, besides commenting on some superficially significant changes, (Big Daddy's origin twist is gone, and the guy gets the girl) it's pretty much the same, and I'd use the same review, with some additional points though... The picture of Atlas hanging on the wall of the hero: Not accidental; Mark Millar, writer of the comic, had Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four reject the notion of "shrugging" in the Marvel CIVIL WAR miniseries. And when the hero of KICK-ASS says that "with no power comes no responsibility...only that's not true...", the Atlas pictur
  15. Yes, I should have said it was a review of the book.
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