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  1. Because there are no alternatives. At least i do not see the other funeral and burial options. And i do care how i will be buried after i die.
  2. Well, it means a lot to me. As i said my grandfathers where buried in catholic tradition. I think it is more and issue of a tradition than it is for a faith and doctrine. And as i have mentioned before it doesn't make sense to completely leave the church, because it offers great funeral service that was used for generations.
  3. While i agree with the most objectivism ideas, one thing remains unresolved for me. If i will leave catholic church completely, how on earth my burial(funeral) will look? I mean, all of my friends and family consider themselves christians. All the burials around me are done within catholic traditions. My grandfathers are buried as catholics. My parents are also want to be buried in catholic tradition. So it doesn't make sense to leave catholic church completely only because i do not agree with their philosophy. Besides, most of the people that consider themselves catholics are completely unaware what are the philosophy of christian faith. They just occasionally go to church and call the priests when they need to bury their relatives. In conclusion, i think i will remain "passive catholic" and use their services for my and my relatives burial. What's your take on this topic? Do you better use the burial(funeral) services of your religion or better invent your own kind of burial(funeral)?
  4. That's a great post. I think you are right. Thanks to objectivism i have overcome religion fog, maybe soon i will be able to handle this pacifism ideas too.
  5. Yes, but in the war their would be innocent civilians who will be hurt. What about them? Is this fair to sacrifice others just because we THINK the war is justified?
  6. Actually i like objectivism's ideas and have been watching ARI videos for a while(year or so). Also i like Dr. Yaron Brook's commentaries on Pajamas TV. But when it comes to war - i am against it by all means. Call it irrational, but i will never agree with it(unless someone will drop nuclear bomb on the "west" country).
  7. It is very easy to refute your reply: **ck off!
  8. Thank You. After reading your comments i decided to stop learning more about objectivism. If it leads to acceptance of war initiation, then it is not for me.
  9. Hi, here is the latest Yaron Brook's call to action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjxZAwVwLAc It's not the first time i hear him saying that USA should declare war on Iran. I like what he says about other things, but here i have to disagree. It is easy for a guy who sits comfortably in his office to say - go and crush our enemies. However war is the hell on earth and i would never agree with the war initiation. So, is this war propaganda compatible with Objectivism or it is just ARI lies?
  10. ok, so i am not genius, like i believe some of you are but so far i did not find contradiction in TTC. I read the translation from this website(i'm not affiliated with it): http://www.daoisopen.com/BYNina.html I found chapters "13- Anxiety and Dignity" and "60- Spirits, Demons and Supernatural Powers" very practical and useful. Maybe it is mystical, but at least it do not teach destructive behaviour like in some mainstream religion books
  11. Hello. I've been interested in objectivism for a while. It is really worth to explore. And i have a question from religion part: So far i have found only one book(text), which seems really practical and do not contradict itself and is really useful. It is Tao Te Ching. What do you objectivists think about this text? Does it compatible with objectivism philosphy? I'm am not asking about religion taoism, but only about tao philosophy. Thank You. PS: i am not taoist, i'm christian.
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