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  1. I'm not suggesting you'd support the state murdering drug dealers/smugglers. I am pointing out that this is why we have due process; we can't trust government to restrain itself.
  2. And how do we know he was an "enemy combatant"? All we know is that he was a spiritual advisor to someone who attempted a terrorist attack and that he edited a jihadi magazine. He was not killed in a firefight with US troops, he was taken out. What will you say when (and if) they start killing people who are smuggling weed in defiance of their "war on drugs"?
  3. I wonder how long it will be until the US government dispenses with the court system in their "war on drugs" and just starts taking people out instead, a lot easier and cheaper.
  4. I don't think that it is clear that al-Aulwaqi had "taken up arms." He'd been a spiritual advisor to a terrorist and edited a magazine. He was hardly killed on a battlefield. The problem is that it is not clear, we just don't know what al-Aulaqi was or what he had done. That was for a court to determine, not the whims of the executive branch. To use your example, if a US citizen working for Hitler was on a battlefield, kill him without compunction. If he was just editing a Nazi magazine in Bavaria, then you have no justification for killing him. Arrest him if you can, if not try him i
  5. True... it describes a value, but is neutral on whether it is rational or not. I incorrectly conflated value and rationality.
  6. And the proper domain for government is killing its own citizens? Of course it is, but that does not give the government free reign to do as it pleases in order to fight that war. I assume you oppose the draft?
  7. Except this was not what happened, al-Aulaqi was not killed in daily combat. It was a targeted strike. If al-Qaeda recruit US citizens, try them in a court. If you need to kill them to stop an imminent attack (e.g. suicide bombing) then do so - but you will have to back that up with evidence of guilt at a later stage. Police in London shot a suspected terrorist, they pinned him down to the floor of a tube train and they shot him in the head. Sadly, it turned out that the "terrorist" was an entirely innocent Brazilian man with no connections to Islam or terrorism of any kind. The police
  8. I am surprised that people who generally oppose the power of the state can so readily accept the murder of an American citizen (or anyone) without any real evidence of guilt being presented with the government arguing that it doesn't have to bother supply any proof. Aside from the Constitutional / legal protections, what about the right to life? Can the government ignore that on a whim? On the say so of a bureaucrat? or should it have to provide evidence? Aulaqi's character and alleged actions are irrelevant, the only things that matter are that the government violated the Constitution, v
  9. I don't know about US voters softwarenerd, but here in the UK, the electorate doesn't like any public services being cut and whilst they don't like paying taxes, they are happy enough for "the rich" to pay them. Even though we have the example of Greece (and now Italy) all over the media, the Left are still opposing every single cut the our Coalition govt is making (and they are not really making many) and they have a strong lead in the polls (and this is with an embarrassingly inept and boring leader). They say they agree cuts need to be made, but you specify a particular area and "You can'
  10. I'm not going to psychoanalyse their motives, but the fact is that the dominant theme of our culture is one of altruism, one where a man is heralded as moral not for making millions but for giving money away. The businessman is not congratulated for providing a great product and service to consumers at a profit, but only when they "give back to society" (I hate that term). In our culture people receive psychological rewards when they give to other people, the rich man likely feels good about himself for giving money - less guilt about amassing riches beyond the imagination of the 99%. This
  11. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't this essentially a tautology? You are setting this up to prove that every act, no matter how self-destructive, is selfish because you are defining value as the actions people take. If this were the case, people could not possibly act in a way that is against their rational self-interest. If someone acts to take heroin, they must value it, therefore they are being selfish - yet this is nonsense, they are not acting in their rational interest.
  12. I've been training in shotokan karate for over two years now, I am 1st kyu and will be grading for my 1st dan (black belt) some time next year. It has had an incredibly positive effect on my life, I am now significantly stronger and fitter than I was and my general health has improved. I had problems with my hip before I started doing it, which has not been an impediment, the exercise has helped it and I now have problems only very rarely. I think it has also been a great benefit to my mental health as well. I do have more confidence and self-esteem and I carry myself much higher and stron
  13. **Mod Note: Merged Topic. -Dante** Just spotted this online philosophy course on Rand and Objectivism, given by a Rothbardian. http://academy.mises.org/courses/ayn-rand-and-objectivism/ He invites Objectivists to join in.
  14. I have no problem with the claims, accepting that they are true doesn't lead to a belief in a highly improbable event - it certainly doesn't constitute proof or probability.
  15. 1 - True 2 - True 3 - I'll take their word for it. 4 - True 5 - True I fail to see how that means that Yeshua was resurrected. That is a massive leap. There are many, simpler explanations for the tomb being empty and two men changing their minds.
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