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  1. OK good point point to clear up what I said. First this is what I mean. The reason I beleive the military is an altruistic institions is because as a whole its sole propose is to serve the country. It provides a self less service for the greater good. Isnt that plan and simple defintion of Altrusim. Self less service for the greater good. Second I do it for the pay check and am content with that.
  2. Lets not forget that the first living thing to enter space was none other than an ape.
  3. I think that most people would like to believe they would do the right thing, and not sell out their neighbors. In all reality though I would probaly agree with the self preservation aspect of the situation. And at those times weakness is a virtue.
  4. I was reading Ayn Rands book in Iraq. And I think that she neglected the fact the military is an altruistic instition, but a neccessary one at that. With out the military the country that we know would not exist. So basically if anyone agrees or disargees with me on this I would like to know your opinion and thoughts. I think this is her weakest link, and as far as I can tell with her all encompassing philisophy this seems to be its widest gap. Because nations cant co exist without militaries plan and simple. Unless of course you believe in Utopian society in which we can live in peace. Which that too seem inconceivable. But dont misunderstand me I like Ayn Rand and her philosphies and they have helped me develop my own life. Despite working for the military. -Greg
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