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  1. You're right! Thank you I've found some photos of these books on flicker site. Plume's edition seems to be much larger, so I've already took this one.
  2. I want to order original edition of The Fountainhead (I've read it only in polish translation) and since I can't look it out in nearest bookstore - I would be grateful for some recommendation. Is Plume's paperback edition (http://www.target.com/Fountainhead-Reissue-Paperback-Ayn-Rand/dp/B002JE1YVE) much better than Signet's hardcover (but version with red girders)? I know that these two are different in size: Plume (33 x 229 x 155) and Signet (45 x 187 x 108). Have anyone a comparision and does anyone know which one of them is actually more comfortable in reading? The most important thing for long-run reading is spacing, text arrangement and letter size. Especially for me, the last thing's of the great matter
  3. What's more - many measured drug-addicts have health complications because of cargo they get outside the law (see these canvas). Look at marihuana - if it's grow in hidden laboratories, without sunlight and clear air, fertilized with chemicals - what you'll get as a final product is not these marijuana using in Multiple Sclerosis treatment - there is such a great possibility you'll get sth. we called here "skun" and it's sometimes mixed with rat poison... I get it, I am aware of all what you've said. But thing I'm afraid of is the way government could use this margin of freedom given to citizens. I don't believe there is a chance to resolve problems by government, because I consider government as the only problem. Politics will loosen your collar, but next they'll wrench the leash and that what's going around all the time. My view here is from Liberatrian standpoint. I see no morality in accepting state's standarts to restriction its power, because it's ill circle.
  4. Last week I read mind-blowing article about cocaine smuggled in canvas dye-stuff. This is the only one from long list of horrors caused by prohibition. On the other hand, I can't imagine legalization because we all are doomed to government-provided medical care, what means in practice I am responsible for each other and my money (without my permission) would be allocated for drugs-addict cure. There are too many things to change [not only in my country] before legalize drugs. As for me - I am waiting for the moment I'll go to the chemist's and find melatonin on shelf. If I see reason in using "drugs", it is stimulation and overcoming your limits. I can't see nothig wrong about substances that are proving your efficiency and make some kind of grease for your brain. But I smoked opium once and I hate it the same way I hate alcohol - you feel like a crowd of people (that's you!) is throwing stones into your information-from-reality stream.
  5. Bastian, I've been visiting Vienna two years ago with my friends and I must admit the trip was full of exciting feelings. I wasn't fond of Schönbrunn's and other mansions baroque style... in some way it was sultry and melancholy for me. But Vienna is also the metropoloy of vanguard and I was thrilled to these piano evenings Viennese are crazy about. Anywhere you glance you're able to find special atmosphere of art revolution encroaching...The fact is ages ago there could prime minister or lord walked across the street and nobody watched over him, but artist of court or opera singer was recognized by every shop clerk or cabby. Vienna is still in love with artists, so there are many events to see and I wish you joyfull time! I couldn't take my eyes off picture that steckSalathe showed. Lucky you! As for me - the most important thing is harmony in structure and that's why I love natural places as well as ingeniously designed urban space. I wish to find myself in Japan one day to seek experience in European - Asian cultural gulf, but in fact I am pretty much the type of inmate.
  6. I enjoyed his spy thriller "Hornet Flight" very much and this is the only one I've read of Follet. I can't say that this story was somehow high and complex literature concept, but I really appreciate the way he creates heroes - their postures are proud, they're bright, irrepressible and have courageous approach to life. What I found the most appealing in the book, was main female character - young ballerina and companion of the protagonist - Karen Duchwitz. I love both sensuality and prudence in her acts. There aren't many admirable teenage girls in literature, so then it's a precious exception. On the other hand, his statement on connection between literature and philosophy seems simply superfictial to me. It looks like he drew a thick line between rules of reality and rules of fiction. Still, I have no grounds to say he leans his work on impossibilities, because characters in "Hornet..." were not only properly motivated - they were also successful in achieving their aims.
  7. Ylva

    Signet covers

    Thank you so much, Kevin!
  8. Ylva

    Signet covers

    Every time I see AR's books old Singet covers I wonder who's the author of them. While my admiration for Nick Gaetano art is wholehearted - these old covers not only indicate main idea like Nick's does, but they also give you the foretaste of the atmosphere of a story, which is really important for me as a reader. I've been looking for illustrator's name at the Web for a long time, but without results and will be grateful if somebody has the edition and could find it out.
  9. I want to show you one great artist, born in my country (actually living in France as I remember). I suppose you'll be interested in his works - as he is one of "Romantic Realism" painters. here is his page: http://www.siudmak.fr/ Siudmak's works:
  10. Nina Simone examples http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8tuTSi6Sck (Feeling Good) (Sinnerman)
  11. Ylva

    Marilyn Manson

    Long time ago I was listening with real passion his piece "I don't like the drugs - but the drugs like me". Norm life baby "we're white and oh so hetero and our sex is missionary." Norm life baby "we're quitters and we're sober our confessions will be televised." You and I are underdosed and we're ready to fall Raised to be stupid, taught to be nothing at all I don't like the drugs but the drugs like me I don't like the drugs, the drugs, the drugs Norm life baby "our god is white and unforgiving we're piss tested and we're praying." Norm life baby "I'm just a sample of a soul made to look just like a human being." Norm life baby "we're rehabbed and we're ready for our 15 minutes of shame." Norm life baby "we're talkshown and we're poiting just like christians at a suicide." You and I are underdosed and we're ready to fall Raised to be stupid, taught to be nothing at all I don't like the drugs but the drugs like me I don't like the drugs, the drugs, the drugs It's full of methapors. And I recommend video for it. It make sense, kick ass.
  12. Ylva

    Game screenplay

    Sorry for open new topic in inappropriate place. It's all my defective English Have to acquaint myself with forum. I am writer. I published dozens of articles in diffrence magazines, especially polish underground "fighting for freedom" zins. I have built own magazine "Ego", working as a redactor (can find out - http://www.ego.riki.pl/_old/ - but it's in polish ) I also work on comics strips, writing stories (science fiction). All at all - I do a lot exercises. That's all is one big exercise. ( I feel horribly - can't make a sense of my remark because of language barrier. ) So, pass. I have an idea, and seeing any better options for it, just - computer game. It's going to be fabular game, with elements of rpg. Adventure game. First of all, I make a review like always. I have a line of open-game accidents, have motiv and topic, and vision of characters. I did it just like I have a method in comic. At the moment, have noting else, but I am thinking how to write game screenplay. Thing is complex. I think it will be similar to film screenplay, but what's the correct arrangement to show all possible interactions, and all that stuff, you know... Having experience in kinds of writing, but want to know - what elements game screenplay must contain to be correct. Was looking for exampels, but find nothing
  13. Does anybody knows quide how to write game screenplay ? I am looking for sth. like that for a long time, and can't find.
  14. Ylva

    Comic's short

    Thank You. It was hand draw and scanned in Hmm...When I finish other comic works (think at holidays), try to throw into and show here.
  15. I write a lot - publish things, and screenplays, and stories. It won't be clear and visible here, because of my ineffectual English (Yeah, I am still learning... wait a minute, just find a dictionary ) - but want to show short comic based on my concept. It isn't nothing special. Sometimes when I am working, or listening music, or sth. else, which give me pleasure - have idea, and write down - as note for other fiction, or separate joke, you know...norm in a creative progress. That was made by my friend (drawer) in a moment. http://www.digart.pl/zoom/2087330/Lotr_Preludium_.html (That's big big big paper - it's income-tax return) http://www.digart.pl/zoom/2092957/Plansza_Lotr_2_.html http://www.digart.pl/zoom/2094994/Lotr_Plansza_3.html http://www.digart.pl/zoom/2099378/Plansza_Lotr_4_.html (What are saying "goverment thieves"- it's about he has to give them money for poor people, and if he will refuse, they will kill him and get that cash) Everybody knows "If I were a rich man" ? So, see - I hadn't a lot work with.
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