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  1. If the object itself produced light, since light speed is constant and its speed is not increased by originating from a moving object, the object would arrive at us before its light was reflected into our eyes. If light from a source at our feet were to bounce off the object, it would again, still reach us before the light returned to us. So would it not be technically invisible? Something else that has been on my mind, i find it troubling to think that the speed of light is constant. Light moves away from you at the same speed no matter how fast you are traveling, so that is never possible to catch up to its edge. However if we take a source of light that is flipped on while me and you stand at its source and you begin to travel at half the speed of light at the same time the light source is flipped on, how does light stay at a constant speed for us both? Your beam of light would have to be traveling faster than my beam in order to travel at its constant speed. For those who may know of the light horizon, i think that light is for the most part instant, that it has no speed in which it must travel. It simply fades out at different lengths depending on the strength of the source.
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