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  1. I am pretty sure it is Scientology that claims our purpose is to "survive".
  2. What do you find fortunate about civilized countries prohibiting the use of lethal force against a criminal? To me it seems obvious that a person who is capable of robbing a bank has forfeit his or her rights to live among civilized people. Robbing a bank is uncivilized. Killing bank robbers advances civilized society, it does not diminish it, in my opinion.
  3. All I care about results. The worse the crime, the less I personally care about their individuals liberty. If a guy is caught red handed robbing a bank, shoot him on site, as far as I am concerned. But, I recommend: 1. High probability of getting caught. 2. A punishment that fits the crime. That is the magic combination. Just watch the speed of traffic for a bit. First, an area that has no visible cops anywhere and low probability of a car being pulled over. Second, an area that has many cops out and a high probability of being pulled over.
  4. I would argue that the second sentence would tend to bait someone into an emotional appeal. Fist, it uses colorful language: "run them off". Second, it acknowledges that they do, in fact, own it. When we talk about something we own, we call it ours. When we talk about something someone else owns, we say that it is theirs. The question specifically asks if it is OK for one group to run another group off a piece of land they own. So thirdly, it focuses us on groups instead of indivduals. White verses Native American. It is creating an "us against them" scenario that tends to bait folks into emot
  5. Captain Kirk beats any other Star Trek character
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