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  1. Most girls your age are dumb and just want good sex and to be entertained constantly with BS. Girls will always want good sex, so I suggest you learn to have sex so when you meet one that is not dumb you will not be laughed at when you are all done in one minute. Do not put these girls on some intellectual pedestal. Most of them like to be treated like crap, which just shows their true colors even more. Don't be afraid of them, they are dumber than you. If you have any testosterone in your body and do not look like a gremlin, some woman should be drawn to you. I don't care if you have to star
  2. Whether it be market checks and balances or checks and balances in the governments, altruist powered liberals like Obama fundamentally do not understand the concept of an economy. In an economy, men exchange goods and services. Wealth is created by bringing new goods and services to the market financed by savings and production. In order to make more wealth available, the government needs to step away and allow honest bartering to happen. If that can't happen, how can a government granted monopoly solve the problem by demanding tax payers purchase its products (insurance and care)? How could t
  3. http://digg.com/politics/Obama_repeal_heal...trust_exemption Surprised that the industry did not want to comply with a government takeover? Surprised that Obama would resort to more hostile takeover tactics?
  4. Women like muscles. I like women. I also like lifting weights. It is as simple as that. I would not say that our culture is obsessed with muscle - though I will say that all the skinny guys claim not to be obsessed, a quarter of which are closet bisexuals, and their wives are all secretly obsessed. Every girl wants an alpha male - and muscular men wreak alpha. Law of nature bro...
  5. A work of art represents what man thinks is important. Therefore, in its essentials lies the meaning of it. Avatar was essentially a lifeboat scenario. Remember, Ayn Rand did say that savages have no right to land that they do nothing with. Sure, Avatar does represent a man fighting for his values - but what exactly does he value? In this case he values anti man values. When I say man - I mean anti Na'vi values too - since every being with the potential to use their rational brain must use it to survive. So in this lifeboat scenario, the main character ends up using anti man values to survive.
  6. You seem to be asking the question, and correct me if I'm wrong, "Is it possible to acquire values without understanding the philosophy which is the means of acquiring those values by telling you why they are valuable?" How can something be of value if you do not know why it is valuable? Ayn Rand once said that non professional philosophers do not need to be able to explain things like the analytic synthetic dichotomy - or advanced definitions of certain terms - but the laymen's definition of something does not contradict a more advanced definition of something from the professional philosophe
  7. I would give Blind Side 10/10 stars. The movie is about a borderline homeless large black kid who gets picked up by a wealthy family on the street and thrown into a private school. He goes on to obtain football scholarship offers to literally every college. I really don't have to sum it up beyond this - but the boy learns to do well in school beyond just learning to annihilate opponents on the team with brute strength. Near the beginning and end of the movie there is an NCAA lady who is interrogating him about how is new family is just rigging his acceptance at a college they attended and with
  8. Yeah this was a damn good movie. I thought they were going off the deep end and endorsing mysticism until the end of the movie when Sherlock disproves it all - and I'm glad he did. 10/10 stars for sure.
  9. I was just about to write an original review of the movie - though I'm glad others have came to the same conclusions I did with Avatar. I guess I'll write one on "Blind Side". I left Avatar with an even greater understanding of how emotions are logical and not persistent apparitions. While the person who took me raved about it, and must have felt plenty of emotion - I was sort of numb. I almost cracked up when I saw that the aliens interlinked their bodies with nature as to purport some kind of environmental mysticism that set the collectivist theme for the ending. Aside from what was natura
  10. The government could implement a nationwide back end insurance company directory/hospital subscription list where any insurance company could be put into the network of hospitals in all 50 states, even if they did not have offices in every state. This would bring more competition into the market and prices would inevitably drop. Why is health care so expensive? The answer is pretty simple - inflation. It is no secret that the government is spending massive amounts of money that it is printing out of thin air. As long as this continues, prices will rapidly increase - especially in largely re
  11. I'd also recommend working out less for the health of your adrenal glands. Heavy weightlifting more than twice per week is seriously taxing your adrenals, which are most delicate. In my case, my cortisol levels (stress hormone) went extremely high while working out and subsequently lead to severe adrenal fatigue afterwards. Your kidneys on top of that will suffer from eating ridiculous amounts of protein, especially in the form of protein shakes. Your body can only absorb a small amount of protein at a time, and the rest of that liquid filtered through the kidneys. The same can be said for cr
  12. What I am saying is that when the government decides to play the role of capitalist, productivity is institutionalized, and the free market economy dies. Individual rights can only be guaranteed in a free market economy. I am by no means pro health care. I don't see any theory/practice divides as all my theories are verified by reality.
  13. Hey buddy I'm your age and in college. I went through something similar, though I have not been on psychiatric drugs. I would rule those out of the matter now, because it is effectively beside the point unless your neurotransmitters are completely off balance. But your problem is deeper than that in any event. I have had similar experiences in my life. I do not socialize regularly with people really, though I do not necessarily view the universe as malevolent. Listen to this lecture by Ayn Rand - and you will realize that what you are experiencing is a cultural disease more than anything - htt
  14. I'm in STL as well. The fun of objectivism for me has been learning the meaning behind romantic art and experiencing it, seeing ideas work themselves out based on principles Ayn Rand spoke of, and applying her psycho-epistemological ideas to my own life to improve it. I see quite a few people here interpreting her ideas in some literal way as to try and ascribe them to a box of judgment they think Ayn Rand used in hesitation of applying the principles. I did this too, but just naturally applying them in your own life is what needs to be done - not trying to void your own judgment for the super
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