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  1. It's great to have places that stoke your creative energy, taking photos of them is a great way to summon that inspiration at will. Cheers!

  2. Love those pictures. Love your sig too, I had forgotten that line.

    Meet many half Cubans?

  3. In lieu of Paranormal Activity's box office 'success', the creators of the Blair Witch Project are considering making a third film for the franchise's 10th anniversary. I don't know how much more of this I can take.
  4. Mhm. You know me well. PGMG was one of my personal favorites a few years back, particularly the song "Pyrite Pedestal". I keep hoping that they will reunite...
  5. I am working on a goal setting project or sorts, using five categories: Wealth, Ingenuity, Intellect, Spirituality, and Health (WIISH). Initially, I was going to do a hierarchy type model, but after realizing that certain aspects intersect, the better alternative seemed to be a Venn Diagram -- the only problem I have with using one stems from how it tends to clutter up quickly, defeating the intended purpose of effectively organizing a laundry list of aspirations. I hope this makes sense.
  6. Does one exist? I've seen something called an 'H Diagram'...but alas, it only works for two factors.
  7. That's a surefire way to crash and burn. Often, I feel that many people see capitalism in this manner: An intentional limitation of those 'less fortunate'. I find that it's all about turning the energy spent reading reviews inwards, and applying it to a passionate endeavor rather than succumbing to fear/discouragement.
  8. Ah, I adore them. Good New York dream pop. Right now: "What's A Girl to Do" - Bat for Lashes (Plaid Remix). It's playing on Lush, a SOMA.fm radio station available through iTunes. I find myself tuning in just before bed. Makes for sweet dreams, =^).
  9. If you are a twitter user and tweet about his movie, he will auto-follow you. (At least, I assume this was an automated system.)
  10. I've been thinking about the lack of character development in IB for a bit now, and I think the vagueness was 100% intentional -- take the build of first scene for example, when Hans Landa promises not to harass the farm family, provided that they forfeit the Jews. Did he keep his promise? We don't actually know. There are many other examples of this throughout the film. It's just classic Tarantino nonchalance. Essentially, saying that there was not enough character development is saying that you don't like Tarantino films. That being said, I've never really been a fan.
  11. Fringe has effectively sucked me in -- which is saying a lot, considering that I have a difficult time committing to television shows.
  12. Thought this would be worth sharing. I'm considering making a few tweaks to his model and using it for myself...
  13. I doubt Roark would design a PC...or a Mac, for that matter. It would be something entirely of its own entity.
  14. I can't speak for men (as I'm not familiar with the effects on the anatomy), but I cannot think of a time where beach nudity would be a rational choice for a female. Lounging around in the buff on a shoreline is an infection, rash, or other condition just waiting to happen. I take it you've never heard/used this slang phrase before.
  15. A relative and I were recently discussing the etymology of the word 'prude'. Being derived from 'prudent', it's always struck me as odd that this shortened version has a more negative connotation. That said, I do think that you make a good point that the naked human form can be very inspiring, and Diana seems to underplay that potential for beauty more than I would agree with. I agree with the human body being an inspirational thing. As an athlete, I value my body on multiple fronts -- as well as esthetically. That being said, it's only natural for me to be selfishly selective in who I am nude around...and contrary to Myself's post, I do take pride in my body. It is just imperative for me to value those who I am naked around, as well. Teammates in a locker room? Yes. A lover? Naturally. Some random stranger on the street who is pining for something to inspire him/her into a course of action, or with some other immoral motive? Of course not.
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