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  1. A counter-example falsifies only a universally quantified assertion, like <<For all humans, no human exists that is altruist and happy>> would be falsified by a counter-example.
  2. I think that I recall news reports of volunteer FD's occasionally allowing uninsured structures to be destroyed as object lessons. 'Uninsured' in this case particularly meaning fire protection fees not paid. This may have been in Round-O or Branchville, South Carolina and perhaps in the late Seventies. That said, I also observe that "volunteer fire departments" are properly non-existent if volunteer means unpaid. State and federal mandates have raised the costs of a VFD beyond "volunteer", and there are assumption of liability issues. Here, our HS students qualify as drivers, for instance, for the turn-out money. I trained as EMT. I believe that some of the issues arise for emergency medical services going beyond "emergency" or "medical" or "service".
  3. In re 'twin paradox', we all experience the time dilation continuum, just not to a particularly noticeable degree.
  4. Thank you for the very best answer, that from Ayn Rand herself! I will note, as one with very different experience with risk calculus, there are no accidents with control rods latched, a key in the ignition, or a round chambered, there is only negligence. This hung in my briefing room...
  5. All time experienced by humans proceeds proceeds from cause to effect. Therefore time proceeds from cause to effect.
  6. A general explanation for the failure of induction is that it requires complete knowledge of the entire universe. To add time to that requirement is foolish. Not only must one have observed all existing swans, one must also have examined all swans that have been and that will be.
  7. Neither of those examples are science or doing science. Both are demonstrations of proven technology, the building blocks of which are merely being shuffled. Science is a way of thought that may lead to truth, it is not gee-whiz. The answer to the question of why one might go down or go up, is because one can (or should be able to). The ISS Blackhole One and its attendant Space Scuttle are mere technology demonstrators for which we traded away the Super Conducting Super Collider - that could have done Real ScienceĀ® Welcome USA to the third world and NASA to Muslim meals-on-wheels.
  8. Notice, too, that most of the major Randian/Objectivist writings are still privately held/copyright. As in my career, I was paid for what I wrote, invested my remuneration and now enjoy the fruits of my labors. Professional Objectivists are and have been paid for their efforts. There's a new book out on the inner workings of Scientology and that illuminates its essential and integral business practices. Inside Scientology by Janet Reitman.
  9. Electronic Frontiers Foundation on Pseudonymity, de-Facedbook and G00gle+ A Case for Pseudonyms - https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2011/07/case-pseudonyms
  10. Is 'sense' the burden of the teacher or of the student, is it the burden of the teller or the hearer?
  11. Thank goodness that you are not me! It would be horrible of ME to prescribe another's behavior. The citation is to a professional collection, an ana if you will, of observations beyond anecdotes. I don't know what makes policeman to you. I am wearing my sidearm even as I write. Wisconsin has just passed 2011 Act 35. I qualified as EMT in about 1980 because I could.
  12. That observation (both of them actually) demonstrates well the challenges of Objective induction.
  13. I'm 62, retired at 47 and went on strike. I live in a beautiful cottage tucked under the Niagara Escarpment (the slope falls four feet away) and guarded by a ferryman from those that would cross Death's Door. Today we friends have gathered 250 miles away as we prepare to bicycle home while eating and drinking and enjoying our health and what little wealth we control. I think that even by Ayn Rands estimation we are happy. Do we and I have challenges? Of course, ranging from arthritis to a failed political context. How do I value my life and happiness? When I am faced with the cusp of whether or not to live in this world that has forgotten Objectivism then I will see it as an opportunity to strike a blow to save my child from slavery.
  14. Believe nothing that you hear or read (especially in popularized science lamestream media) without verifying it yourself unless it fits your preexisting Weltanschauung. Who fails to do arithmetic is doomed, first to nonsense, later to non-existence. Science, if it was easy then everyone would do it.
  15. I thought it clear in the title, "Objective health values life objectively." Y'all can apologize for alternative lifestyles as you will, but you cannot escape the consequences of them.
  16. http://www.promedmail.org/pls/otn/f?p=2400:1001:3655468672013241::NO::F2400_P1001_BACK_PAGE,F2400_P1001_PUB_MAIL_ID:1000,89446
  17. Are you conversant with The Logic of Scientific Discovery? I would characterize the discussion of Ayn Rand versus (means 'against') Karl Popper or falsification-ism versus Objectivism to better focus the compare and contrast.
  18. Welcome, Snow_Fox, from a fellow newbie and another that carefully marches to my own beat. I came here expecting archly orthodox Objectivism that might at least be silent on topics on which Ayn Rand's leadership is not well documented. But no, so I read and comment a bit, and tersely, and avoid controversy. I came here from Karl Popper's falsification-ism and his answer to the boundary problem of induction, from which I am not yet dissuaded. About the thread title question, yes.
  19. Behold the ignorance of our age! Nuclear power is Galt's Engine realized.
  20. Joseph's Introduction to Logic is available at The Internet Archive.org
  21. And of altruism, what do you think and what do you think of Rand on altruism (a la "support" and "donation")? I have been a long distance and touring bicyclist. I disparage commercial bicycle tours and rides that sell themselves as "charity rides".
  22. Government sinecure. All government contracts should have stiff performance penalties.
  23. Searching on "Ayn Rand automobile car" I found a very strong statement, utterly without citation or provenance, that she was uninterested in cars (thetruthaboutcars.com). From my idea of her time and lifestyle, that sounds reasonable. Believe nothing that you read or hear without verifying it yourself unless it fits your preexisting worldview.
  24. Thank you for your opinion, but more for pointing me to the Wikipedia as a source and to 'The Moratorium on Brains' Q&A as a reason to purchase the multimedia expositions of Randianism. Now maybe Dragon Naturally Speaking can demonstrate its ability to produce text from voice (other than mine).
  25. What do you think of Objectivisim and why?
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