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  1. I am going to be in San Fran this weekend and I want to go to the Cordair Art Gallery. I found out that my hotel is sort of far away from the gallery and what I am wanting to know from those who have visited it: is there a lot to see there?

    I am traveling with my brother, and when he saw how far away the gallery was he started complaining about me making him go there. My general question is: is it worth forcing the issue? My brother is not a terrible guy, he will appreciate good art, but is there enough there to justify going out of our way to see it?

    Thanks in advance for any responses!

    Hi Ashley,

    Of course it's worth the trip! Call me on the toll free line and we'll make arrangements to get you here. If your brother doesn't want to come that's ok...but you really should not miss seeing the most beautiful art gallery in the world. :D Burlingame is a charming town with lots of wonderful shops and restaurants. If our normal business hours are inconvenient, I will be happy to make the gallery available after hours. I look forward to meeting you soon. 1-866-267-3247

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