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  1. I am wrong, but I still like the one without the cross and Mary.
  2. My guess is that Ayn Rand liked the 1954 Crucifixion, that DOESN'T have the hypercube cross. (I attached it) This is something I could see being her favorite painting. It reminds me of Howard Roark! For a large version go here: http://www.dali-gallery.com/html/galleries/paintings.htm Click Art gallery. Then under Galleries choose paintings. Then click gallery 19 and scroll down. (Colossus of Rhodes is also good)
  3. I just found out that I will be attending Leonard Peikoff's alma mater in the fall! The University of Manitoba! I had no idea that he went there, and I just thought it was funny.
  4. This is exactly what I did all through high school. Just graduated a few weeks ago.
  5. Hello, I am Kurt Youngblood. I am 18. I play the cello and have for a little more than 4 years now. Most people looking to be musicians have been playing since they were 3 - I started when I was turning 14. I cannot find words to say how much I love it. Sometimes I just sit and look at my cello and think, "In ten seconds I could be making some of the most beautiful sounds known to man." I usually sit for awhile just like that, smiling. I read Atlas Shrugged less than year ago, after it fell out of a box of books I was carrying for my teacher. My first thought was, "Damn, nice title!" Then I picked it up and my second thought was, "Damn, this is heavy!" When I read Galt's speech, I was spellbound and quit reading for a few weeks. That book changed the course of my life. But I guess you all know about that. This summer I'm going to study in Canada with a cellist who is a great teacher and one demanding woman. I can't wait. I am somewhat of a hermit, though without the beard, bad posture, and the cave. I guess I'm solitary by nature. I have read chunks of lots of Ayn Rand's works, and I'm learning more every day. I'm here to learn even more. Thanks for having me.
  6. Cello

    The Purpose of Sex

    So what of pedophilia then? If you cannot choose what you are sexually attracted to, then how can you be judged as immoral if you "happen" to be a pedophile. Let's say someone is sexually attracted to children but has not acted upon their attraction. Is this person immoral? Also, if this person is in a constant war against their nature, or at least at war against something they had no choice over, isn't that immoral, as they are acting contrary to their nature? I am not insinuating pedophilia is moral, but it seems like the same argument that is being used to justify homosexuality (It's out of your control), applies to pedophilia as well.
  7. In the chat, when someone logs off, the tones sounded are "D - G" On the cello, the fingering for these two notes are "O - O" Objectivism Online!
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