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  1. Excuse me, but that is a hasty generalization. How do you know this? Would you mind explaining in detail?
  2. Howard Roark


    Yes, but I am responding to his case. If achieving values becomes impossible, as he said, then that should be more than enough to close this case.
  3. Ivan Raszl, this topic has been covered to death in this forum. You should look for other threads first, like this one, for example, and try to ask your question there.
  4. You should take a look here, here, here and here first.
  5. Have you heard of Maxim Vengerov? He is really fun to watch. I started saving for a violin when I first saw one of his interpretations of "Caprice Basque." Here is a fragment from that performance. I also like his interpretation of "La Ronde des Lutins," which has been done by Itzhak Perlman, but I like one better. He also made a very moving video in Auschwitz for one of Bach's chaconnes. You can watch it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DRdxT7XE1E, if you like.
  6. Well, this may be true, but you are just speculating about their own motives. If they are looking for a validation, there is a proper way to obtain it, and that is asking for it, instead of simply dumping an article, without stating any particular purpose, and waiting for something to happen. Let them ask specific questions about specific issues, and try to comfort them when you have confirmed that this is what they had in mind in the first place. In any case, I know that Sabre at least asked some questions. Okay, that is fine, but if you want to benefit his thread, you should start by s
  7. Well, that is your loss, but do as you please. I doubt that anyone, apart from your family and your friends, is interested in trying to convince you of staying, if that is what you were aiming for. Also, are you threatening someone? Because you sound as if you were giving an ultimatum, or something like that. Anyway, if you are uncomfortable with the current state of your country, and think that you could be happier somewhere else, then you should leave as soon as possible. Absolutely. That is exactly what I am planning to do. As soon as I get my degree, I am leaving my country for good, and I
  8. Yes, I understand that, but I am asking about their specific reason for bringing the articles to the forum in the first place. What are they expecting to achieve? What makes these two articles in particular stand out from the rest? Are they accurate criticisms? Do they need clarification on some of the issues that were raised by them? Is there a particular question that they want to ask? Are they trying to point out something that deserves consideration? Otherwise, why should anyone care? Throwing out articles filled with insults, without stating any particular purpose, is most certainly again
  9. English is not my first language, so I am not familiar with the word. I just assumed its meaning, because I am in a hurry. In that case, yes, I agree with you.
  10. Offhand, I would say that there is nothing wrong with it. Smuggling illegal substances is obviously inappropriate, but if we are speaking of trivial things, such as toothbrushes or magazines, that depends on his own rational judgment, assuming that it is permitted. What do you mean by "basic things"?
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