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  1. I was recently reading a book for first time directors. The author was pointing out things to look for in a good script and one of the main points was that the hero must committ a selfless act in order to endear himself to the audience. Obviously, we see this in a whole lot of films. Either as the nice guy who gives up what he's wanted for the sake of others, or as the selfish jerk who learns how to take care of others etc. I have been writing screenplays for about 5 years and have been making slow but steady progress towards sellable screenplays and establishing solid connections. So I am curious about how well it would be received to show the individual as hero for the sake of being an individual and not serving others. I think the whole hero as selfless creature is so ingrained in the process that I'm not sure I'd effectively be able to present a viable alternative, at least not one that a studio would snatch up. And it's not even the acts so much as the way they are portrayed. Certainly, saving another's life could be a selfish act but it's always shown as being selfless. The hero becomes a real man when he forsakes what he wanted and does what is expected/required/etc. I would love to see someone who makes decisions for the betterment of his/her life and doesn't apologize for it. Anyone know of movies that take a more objectivist approach, other than FH of course.
  2. Interesting timing on this thread. Lately I've been thinking about where the line is between polite conversation and being rude. Specifically, it drives me nuts when people just drop "idiot bombs" in the middle of a conversation. A lot of time it's religious or political in nature and has virtually no grounding in reality but they throw them out there thinking it's profound or that at the very least everyone else thinks that way. I've really grwon tired of just letting it slide. I'm now firmly on the "I don't agree with that" team. And will probably someday be on the "do you actually think before you speak" team...
  3. Been a little while since I've followed them so I'm missing out on the current good ones. Loved Black Adder and Fawlty Towers. Think the Jeeves and Wooster series are among the best comic television ever as well as being among the true book to screen adaptations. Woodhouse's ability to turn a phrase is nothing short of genius.
  4. I was also a little disappointed. The "message" seemed a little forced. I thought the OR scene was too violent for the context of the rest of the movie. There were too many story lines that they were chasing as well.
  5. Man, did I need to find this place! I'm just coming off a rant at a screenwriting forum I post at. Someone had posted a synopsis of his script about the evils of hmo, corporate medicine, and people trying to make money from hospitals. He then went on to state how he wanted to do something about all the personal ambition and corporate greed. When I pointed out that personal ambition and the profit motive are the things that have made modern medicine so desirable, he asked me if I ever had a baby die on me? What the hell does that mean? I then pointed out that baby's die in countries with socialized medicine as well. And then another thread someone lashed out at my "stupid right wing" idea when I pointed out that Farenheit 9/11 wasn't a documentary as much as an op/ed piece. It's like I'm taking crazy pills or something. I've been reading over a lot of the posts here and I've been getting this warm, fuzzy feeling. Ahhh, it's like coming home
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