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  1. Great responses everyone. I'm glad to see at least a bit of interest. If you find me encouraging certain ideas, know that I am only playing the devil's advocate, as it were. I knew that the majority of responses would come from common minded individuals, so forgive me if I throw some different ideas in there for the sake of argument.
  2. I tend to agree with you for the most part, you make some good points. But does art necessarily depend on the re-creation of living form? If so, which is more desirable? Realists that create true to life images, flaws included, or Idealists that create that which may never exist in reality, improving upon it, as it were? Your ideas on abstraction and subsidized art recalled to me two other possible cases for this topic. I'll post them later after I write them down. Thanks for replying.
  3. In college I took a course called "The Aesthetics of Art". It was a discussion class and everyone came into it with unique perspectives on what exactly art is. Whether they were the strict classicists, dismissing anything that did not necessarily require classical training to create, or the flimsy types that thought "everything and anything could be art as long as it is beautiful". At the end of the course everyone left with a more centrist agenda. I know I began to appreciate things I had at one time dismissed as craft or decoration instead of art. I'm interested in what your limits of
  4. Thank you all for the warm welcome. Haha, nor is it something I'd ever hope to achieve. But if you found my post too modest I can most certainly elaborate on all of my sparkling qualities.
  5. Santa Sabina, it's a Medievalist!! Glad to have another art historian on the forum. Let's chat AHI sometime!

  6. Hello. Let me first thank you for taking the time to read this. I understand that none of you have any obligations to entertain me. I have recently joined the OO.net community and have thoroughly enjoyed reading the different ideas/posts thus far. You can most certainly look forward to some of my own input in the near future. Those who know me have deemed me a recluse, an anti-social, an egotist and a general hater of mankind. I respectfully disagree, not in the accusations themselves, but in what those accusations imply. I am 23, male, and a recent graduate from a University in Flo
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