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  1. Where I rank myself later on, when I've read more objectivism.
  2. I would probably put myself at around a 5.5 or 6 at this point. We'll see what happens.
  3. It was one specific person I think, however, I'm grouping you all into one group of objectivists. Probably a mistake. And the definition I gave was God is a supernatural being. I can't remember what the other definition was. However, all this is irrelevant at this point. If you want to look within the last few pages it should be pretty obvious.
  4. Well, honestly, I am afraid of death. I don't see why this would be a bad thing though. Shouldn't it be to anyone who's ultimate goal is to live? But more on topic, would a belief in heaven contradict objectivist ideas?
  5. The only thing left I could think of saying is whether or not a heaven could exist. There's no way of being able to prove that wrong, is there? It all comes down to faith, or a lack of?
  6. Didn't you just say this isn't an option. I'm a bit confused. The reason I feel objectivism and agnosticism are compatible with each other is because agnosticism cannot allow one to draw any conclusions about the supernatural, and this would force an agnostic to act according to reason in reality. I don't think this idea has been proven flawed in this thread. Or maybe I just completely missed it. Please correct me if I am wrong. If I'm coming off as ignorant, forgive me, I'm honestly just trying to fully understand this. Everything else I've questioned about objectivism has been answered in ways that do make complete sense. This is the only case breaking that pattern.
  7. My definition was God is a supernatural being. Making up definitions? I think not. I never said Gods could be disproven. I'm saying that an atheist says it's a fact anything supernatural doesn't exist. Wouldn't an atheist claiming the supernatural cannot be disproven be a contradiction? Also, I am definitely coming off the wrong way. I'll admit, everyone here has certainly done their part in proving their point, and I am much more leaning towards the idea of atheism than when I started this thread. I'm just playing devil's advocate, because I'm still not entirely convinced that atheism fits objectivism. If anyone considers this a waste of their time, no one is forcing you to debate with me.
  8. Now you guys are attempting to prove your point through definitions, and after I tried this, you said this wasn't valid proof. So aren't you contradicting yourselves?
  9. I'm not saying I believe in it. I never did. I'm just generating ideas. I don't believe we can know anything about the supernatural, so I don't claim that none of it exists.
  10. There's no proof for it either. That's why I just don't have any opinion when it comes to supernatural stuff.
  11. Oh, I misread the question. Sorry. If a god did exist, it could watch us from a distance, such as heaven. That would leave know marks on reality as we see it.
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